The Dreaded Bradford Pear in Tennessee

Bradford Pear Trees

As temperatures rise in Middle Tennessee, the dreaded Bradford Pear starts blooming. The little white petals look so beautiful lining driveways and streets all around you. But, are the trees really making your allergies go crazy? Or the pollen from the trees?


When Bradford Pear trees were first introduced to modern culture they were presented as sterile. In reality they are not. The Bradford Pear tree pollen can cross pollenate with other species. Studies show that the trees can revert to the Chinese Callery Pears. That offspring can have thorny thickets that overtake existing plant and tree life.

More Bad News

These lovely trees have other bad attributes. When you walk near one of these trees you can smell their fishy smell. It is unpleasant for those who spend time outdoors. Another negative of the tree is that they grow very tall without good branching systems. Additionally, if a tree is large and full, sunlight cannot get the the grass below, leaving a landscaping nightmare.


What is really the culprit of your seasonal allergies? It’s the pollen that grows from the Bradford Pear trees! So when planning your landscaping at that new house, skip the Bradford Pear trees and go for a nice Maple tree.


The Bradford Pear Tree

Family: Rosaceae

Genus: Pyrus

Species: Bradford Pear (Pallus Calleryana)

Even The Grump Gardener agrees!

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5 Outdoor Plants You Can't Kill

5 Outdoor Plants You Can’t Kill

Have you planned to start gardening in order to enjoy the beautiful nature from the comfort of your home? Are you wondering whether you will be able to ensure that the plants have a healthy growth? Even get proper light and water? Gardening is certainly a very good hobby. However, you need to be aware about various things in order to enjoy greenery throughout the year. If you are going to start gardening for the first time, make sure to go through the list below to gain detail information about the top 5 outdoor plants you can’t kill. These plants not just only need very little amount of maintenance but are the ones that refuse to get killed.

Wild Geranium

If you wish to give a wonderful look to the exterior part of the windows of your house then beautiful looking Wild Geranium plant will certainly be the best option. This plant has the capability to withstand any type of weather condition. Wild Geranium is not just only found in abundant but can also be grown in both moist and dry climate. According to a research, it has been found that unlike other bloomers, Wild Geraniums are able to retain their unique vibrant look in all season. This plant prefers to grow under shade but you can even find its flowers blooming in damp weather or under direct sunlight.


Oregano Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Oregano, also referred as “Wild marjoram” is a unique flowering plant which belongs to the mint family. The Oregano plant is a popular outdoor plant that is impossible to be killed. Flowering Oregano is generally found in regions where there is a warm climate. However, since this plant has the capability to withstand extreme cold, it will still produce wonderful leaves. These leaves are not just only healthy but also have a vibrant color. If you are a first time gardener, use Oregano in your garden in order to enjoy greenery throughout the year. Plus, get the opportunity to use its spicy, pungent and bitter flavored leaves to cook any type of delicious dishes.


Chives also referred as Allium Schoenoprasum is also one of the popular low maintenance perennial plants which belong to the same family as that of onion, garlic, leek and shallot. These perennial plants not just only need least amount of maintenance but are grown in the dry summer and even spring season. If you want to enjoy eating salad during the extreme summer season then make sure to grow Chives in your garden. Even get the opportunity to use its green onion flavored leaves to prepare soups and omelets in a smart way. Besides this, the vital nutrient in Chives can also help you to get rid of various types of health disorders. These disorders include: stomach or prostate cancer, sleeping disorder and low bone density.


Poppies are also one of the popular hard to kill plants that give you the opportunity to enjoy flowers that are vibrantly colored. Their thin texture is that of a tissue paper. This flowering plant which belongs to the Papaveraceae family has the capability to grow in any weather conditions and type of soil. This flowering plant grows easily in the summer season and even need least amount of maintenance. In order to get best results, it will be wise for you to till the gardening soil properly until it gets loosen and then mix the poppy seeds properly in sand before planting it. The poppy seeds are used to make wonderful delicacies including bread.


Daffodils are a popular spring flower that is easy to plant. Besides this, these flowers bulbs also remain for long number of years. Research shows, there around 5 different species of Daffodils available in the world. Daffodils are perennial plants that have semi-erect cylindrical leaves and flowers with six petals surrounding a corona. Clinical studies show that the flower and bulb of Daffodils is helpful in preparation of medicines for the treatment of some of the common health disorders. These diseases include Alzheimer’s disease, asthma and whooping cough. In order to grow Daffodils properly, it will be wise for you to plant its bulbs twice as deep as its width below the soil. It is also one of the beautiful plants that need minimal amount of maintenance.

The 5 Outdoor Plants You Can’t Kill are Wild Geranium, Oregano, Chives, Poppies and Daffodils.

Make sure to grow these 5 Outdoor Plants You Can’t Kill in the front yard of your house if you wish to enjoy gardening even in your busy schedule.

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The Zika Virus - Nashville, TN

The Zika Virus – What are the Real Facts?

The virus has been in the news a lot lately. So what is it? Can you catch it? And, how can you prevent it? We have the information you’re looking for!

What is The Zika Virus?

The virus is an illness with the common symptoms that include: Fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis (red/pink eyes). Approximately 1 in 5 people will become affected with the virus. The symptoms usually last between a couple days to a week. The virus is rarely fatal but is thought to contribute to congenital issues for pregnant women.

How can you catch The Zika Virus?

The Zika Virus is a virus spread by mosquitos. Although recent news suggests a few alternate forms of transmission; sexual relations, mother to fetus, possibly through blood transfusions, limited research says slightly possible through saliva or ?? Here is a website with definitions and information. Click HERE!

How can you prevent The Zika Virus?

Currently, there are no vaccines that prevent the Zika Virus. The best way to prevent the illness to avoid mosquito bites. Easier said than done, right. Be aware of the areas you are traveling to, to avoid highly infected areas. Wear long sleeved shirts and long pants when you can. Sit in screened in rooms. Here are more ideas; click HERE! One more treatment that can help around your home is have your yard sprayed. This is a service we can take care of for you. The prices varies by yard size. Please call us to get a quote. 615-220-1933.

The Short Answers To The Hard Questions About The Zika Virus via the NY Times. Click HERE!

Information from the CDC. Click HERE!


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Will Snow Keep Pests Out?

snow-winter-christmas-deer-largeDoes Snow Keep Pests Out?

This is a question we get asked about every 2 to 3 years here in Middle Tennessee. This year is the year of snow! Families all over are rejoicing in snow days, sledding and snow ball fights. But what happens to pests during this cold and snow storm? Will they come into your home for warmth and food? Don’t worry too much, bugs are resilient and can survive many seasonal temperature changes. Whether it’s zero degrees Fahrenheit or one 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Snow and Bees-

So will snow keep pests out? No. Snow alone does not keep pests out. But it will make them stick together or burrow in to avoid the extreme temps. Honey bees will stick together in their hive; buzzing to generate more heat. Bumble bees will hibernate in a tree, log or rock. Wasps often burrow in to make an adequate nests. As long as your home is properly sealed, they should not burrow into your walls for a Winter home.

Snow and Ticks-

It may seem unlikely but snow can make ticks more active (as long as their is some humidity). Yes, we said more active. The flip side is that we humans are less active in the Winter. If there are unseasonably long cold Winters with lots of unusually high inches of snow, it may reduce the number of ticks. But, for the most part they are just fine. Vets recommend treating your yard and pets for ticks during this time when their strength and eggs are down.

How Can Absolute Pest Control Help-

We recommend our customer’s sign up for our regular treatment packages. We have multiple options available HERE. If you have the Platinum package, we will come back to treat your home for most infestations until they are gone. Snow should keep pests out, but if they are bothering you, we have our 100% money back guarantee on our treatments.


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Will snow keep pests out? Our answer is no.

5 Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your Summer BBQ

How To Keep Pests Away From Your Summer BBQ

food-summer-party-dinnerThe weather is warm and when you are dodging the crazy summer thunderstorms eating outside is an enjoyable activity. It can turn disastrous quickly if pests come out in droves. We are helping you avoid mosquitos and other stinging pests to ultimately enjoy your event. Here are 5 easy tips to have a successful and pest free bbq, picnic or other outside gathering.


#1 Bug Spray aka Insect Repellant

Photo Courtesy of Cutter®Spraying yourself and family, while having extra bug spray for your guests will help reduce mosquito bites. We recommend a bug spray that has Picaridin. Use sprays with DEET on clothing.

#2 Avoid Perfume

Photograph: Martin Poole/Getty ImagesNo one wants to smell bad in a group setting. But, yellow jackets and other stinging pests are attracted to perfumes. By limiting your extra fragrance smell, it will help reduce the chance of getting stung by a yellow jacket.

#3 Install Screen Doors and Repair Ripped Screens

trees-broken-inside-window-largeIf possible, install screen doors and keep them shut help reduce pests coming into your home. Also, do a perimeter check of existing screens to look for rips, tears or holes. Bug can get through the smallest tear, so repairing and patching the holes immediately is very important. If it is a last minute issue, use tape (like duct or packing) to help block openings.

#4 Clean Up Messes

messy child birthday cakeNo your Mother isn’t going to clean it up for you. Wipe down spills right away. Let your grill burn for 5 extra minutes after removing your food. And, keep foods covered to help reduce ants and flies from being unwanted guests are your house.

#5 No Standing Water


We can’t say this enough. Make sure there is no standing water around your home. This includes planters, bird baths, buckets and other things like kid’s toys. Mosquitos breed in just an inch of standing water.


Our seasonal mosquito treatment can remedy the problems mosquitos bring. This service is seasonal, no need for a year long expense. The cost is low (average yard $50-$80). We offer a discount to our existing customers. Still not sure? We offer a free consultation to give you an exact cost.

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Termites, Ants, Wood Chips and Mulch

What do Termites, Ants, Wood Chips and Mulch all have in common? Pest Control issues if they are used around the perimeter of your home!

wood-chips- Termites

Here are some common questions we answer frequently about landscaping materials and pests that can damage your home.

Q. Does the use of Wood Chips and Mulch attract termites and ants to your home?

A. No, that is a commonly heard myth.

Q. Are Pine Needles a good replacement to Mulch?

A. Unfortunately, no. That is just another form of wood-type covering.

Q. Why are wood products bad for landscaping?

A. It isn’t wood per se that is the problem. It is the moisture that is under the Wood Chips or Mulch that can really bring on a problem. So you can use wood mulch around mailboxes or other landscaping that is far away from your home.

Q. So if Wood Chips and Mulch do not attract termites and ants, why do people tell me that?

A. Subterranean termite colonies feed off of the decaying wood in mulch and other wood landscaping products that homeowners use to help flowers and bushes survive in heat. The termite colonies send out workers to locate food and water sources. While the colony eats the current find another group is out foraging for the newest food source. If you think about mulch filled plant beds placed around your home, you may be setting your home up for multiple termite colonies. It is not a far road for termites to leave the mulch and start in on the wood in your home. Ants are also attracted to some mulches. It comes down to not attracting ants to your home and not providing a food source for termites.


No one wants termites and you can get them even without using wood chips or mulch. However by avoiding triggers like using mulch and wood chips in your landscaping around your home, can reduce the chances of having a termite problem in your home. We also offer a pretreatment plan that can help keep your home termite free. If you are interested contact our office HERE or call us today: 615-220-1933.


Other information can be read HERE.

Spring Yard Tips For Tennessee; Organic Dandelion Removal

Spring Yard Tips For Home in Middle Tennessee

Spring Yard Tips- Lawn in MurfreesboroAs April showers bring May flowers, they most certainly awaken weeds and grass! Your yard may go from a dormant, easy to maintain area to an ugly beast in just a couple of days. You may wonder what quick and easy things you can do to make your yard have beautiful green grass that your neighbors will envy. We don’t guarantee a golf course style grass but we can offer tips to make your yard more desirable! Check out our Spring Yard Tips and make your life easier.


  • Mowing-

Sounds easy right? Not always the simplest part of our Spring Yard Tips. Make sure you start the year off right with freshly sharpened blades on your mower. When you mow, have your blades set to 2-3 inches off the ground for best grass height results. As you travel around your yard; go in different patterns to create grids or crop circle type creations. They will look cool and keep your neighbors guessing. This will also keep the mowing interesting! As the wether gets hotter, increase the grass length to about 4 inches in length in help conserve moisture. That may mean you need to mow more often but will keep other costs down.

  • Water Management-

Should you water during the day or evening and how much is too much? As the heat of the afternoon increases, water in the morning for best saturation rates. The problem with too much water or irrigation is the increase of the likelihood of disease. You may mean well; however over watering is a huge problem we suggest you avoid. An automatic irrigation system is the most effective way to keep grass well hydrated without inviting disease. We found that actively growing Fescue takes only 1-2 inches of water per week.

  • Weed and Feed-

DandelionsWe definitely don’t mean feed your weeds in our Spring Yard Tips! You do need to fertilize and feed your lawn and get rid of your weeds. Your first steps for success are proper mowing and watering. Then, a herbicide to help reduce the weeds. It is recommended to fertilize your lawn twice per year; Spring and Fall. Follow the label for best results on different types of weed control.

  • Aerating-

This part of our Spring Yards Tips can be made fun. There are slip on aerators that go on your shoes. You can easily aerate while walking with your mower around the yard. Aerating will allow water and air to your compacted lawn. During the warmer months, your lawn may get heavy use; especially traffic areas. It is important to aerate to loosen up that compacted dirt and allow water to get to your lawn’s roots.

  • Getting Rid of Dandelions-

Dandelions in NashvilleDandelions have a use but not for your lawn. How can you get rid of them organically? Mow them often and do not let them get to the white fluffy seed stage because then you will just have more dandelions next year. Another way to get rid of them is to pull them out. It is important to get the root as well; or else they will just regrow. One less common method s to poach the dandelions. Seriously! Add boiling water for 2 or 3 days on these pesky weeds and they will slowly be killed.

Having a beautiful lawn may or may not be important to you. We think it’s our choice. But remember the mess you have will affect your neighbor’s lawn too. It is likely your grass touches theirs and you will be sharing weeds before long. It is similar to unwanted pests like ants and cockroaches!

We hope these Spring Yard Tips will get your lawn looking good in now time! Looking for backyard beautification ideas? Here’s another article!

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Garden Guides provides some other yard ideas!







Backyard Tips

Get Your Backyard Beautiful?

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warm. The days are longer. Last year we posted this article about sprucing up the backyard. Since our work is now done… we thought we would share it again to help someone else!

SunflowerBackyard Paradise List:   First, trim or prune all bushes, shrubs, and trees that are on our property. If this is more work than you or your family can handle, ask some neighborhood kids to help or call your local landscaping company for quotes. The best part about hiring the neighborhood youngsters is that they get to make a little spending money and have pride in their accomplishment (as they will see it on a regular basis).

Second, pressure wash the concrete patio. We already own a pressure washer, so that reduces the costs! To do this correctly, remove all patio furniture, grills, rugs, and other backyard living accessories. Our pressure washer is electric. Electric pressure washers are perfect for small projects around the house. This type hooks up to the water spigot and then is plugged into an electrical outlet. The water is pushed out the spray nozzle when the trigger is pressed. Make sure your movements are even and symmetrical or your finished patio may look like a snowflake cut out from kindergarten. When this is complete return your patio furniture and accessories to their desired locations. This is a great time to redesign the furniture placement in your backyard paradise .

Patio RepairThird, replace and repair stuff. If you have not thrown out old or broken items from the last season, this is the time to do it. You test hoses for leaks, patio cushions for mold or tears, and replace those citronella candles. These things do not need to be replaced each year. Test your grill. If you have a propane fueled grill, get your propane topped off. Or buy a gauge to monitor your gas levels. Sit on all chairs, benches, or swings to verify they are still safe. Your backyard paradise area should be of comfort and not a liability for injury.

Fourth, get creative. Your backyard retreat is your backyard paradise. You can personalize it to reflect your personal style and imagination. While perusing Pinterest, I found this bench idea. It is different, easy (even for a beginner), adds foilage with it being in the way, and none of your neighbors have even thought of this! The image has a very nice wooden bench seat. This, however, can be replaced with the wood of choice for your needs. We recommend using a sealant to make sure your piece lasts for more than one season. Would you love to have one or two of these for your backyard paradise?

Backyard Bench

Courtesy of via Pinterest

Backyard Paradise Maintenance:

Maintenance: the word that just means work! Maintaining your backyard retreat area does not have to be a big chore. Routine upkeep on a weekly basis will allow you time to enjoy your backyard retreat. For our family, we will need to pick a Saturday to get our backyard living space cleaned, repaired, and ready to grill! Summer is just a month away and the grill has already been lit!

How To Avoid Stinging Pests

Stinging Pests and Summertime

How to avoid stinging pests and the pain that ensues! The summertime is so close you can almost taste. The kids are getting impatient for the end of school. Even your pets are spending more time outside. This also means that you and your family are outside. Being outside increases your chances of being stung by a multitude of stinging pests. Visits to the emergency room for stings like those from yellow jackets and wasps reach over 500,000 every year. Ouch… how can you help reduce your chances?

Stinging Female Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket/Wasp image courtesy of Wikpedia

No Open Containers- We don’t mean alcohol, we mean those food tables. Have you noticed that the bees swarm the food on the buffet or dinner table outside. Obviously all living creatures need food. But, it doesn’t have to be yours! Here is a link to a video on how to make your own Yellow Jacket Trap. Click here. Please avoid killing honey bees. Honey bees help pollenate 80% of the food we consume. It is important to keep honey bees safe. Trash cans are another area that can be overlooked. Make sure you have tight fitting trash can lids. Washing and sanitizing your trash cans (as well as using liners) on a regular basis will help reduce the stinging pests like yellow jackets from hanging around.

Lose the gaps- Seal up all visible cracks and crevices that this flying, stinging pests love to use those cracks and crevices to start their nests. Other areas that they love are chimneys, attics, eaves and overhangs, light fixtures, under decks and play sets. If you regularly check those areas for nests, it will reduce the chances of being stung in the long run. If you see a nest, use extreme caution to remove it. Calling in professionals is a good idea (especially if you are allergic). Our technicians can assist in removing these nests once they are there but also look for them on your eaves and overhangs during our regular visits.

Colors and smells- You do not have to be the belle of the ball at an backyard picnic. You really don’t want to be! Wearing a lot of perfumes and dark colors or patterns attract those stinging pests to you. That is not what you want! Use unscented sunscreen, lotions and soaps before hanging outside for extended periods. Don’t forget your feet. If you are doing a lot of walking in grass, wear closed toed shoes to reduce the chance of stepping on bees and getting accidentally stung.

Don’t freak out- If you find yourself surrounded by stinging pests like yellow jackets or wasps, remain calm! Swatting at the pests only make them more angry. Walk carefully and purposefully away from the stinging pests. If you get stung, remove the stinger and seek medical attention if necessary. Many people realize their allergies after the second incident.

Contact a professional- If you find a nest on your property, call a professional like Absolute Pest Control to remove it for you. This is especially important if you or your family members have allergies. The nests can have hundreds or thousands of bees inside. If they feel threatened, the stinging pests may swarm and cause serious bodily injury. Our technicians can identify the type of pest you have and correctly remove the nest. Let a trusted professional handle this pest control issue.

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Pest Control Is Just One Piece Of The Puzzle

Pest control is just one piece of the puzzle

Do you want to keep your home pest free without a ton of chemicals? Pest Control isn’t just fumigation and dead bugs. At Absolute Pest Control, we work to keep your home and family safe. Pest control has many aspects. We don’t just kill ants and treat for termites. We are a full service pest control company treating homes and businesses in Middle Tennessee.

Ants- Our skilled technicians can treat occasional outbreaks and offer a perimeter to keep new ants out of your home and yard. Certain types of ants like carpenter ants require different types of treatment. We make a plan based on your needs.

Bees- Airborne bugs are more difficult to treat. If a nest is spotted, our trained technicians can safely remove it to keep the yellow jackets and bees at bay. Our bi-monthly eave sweeping is just one of our ways to maintain the safety of your family.

Spiders- Spiders, as a whole, are not bad. They serve a purpose in our ecology. However, poisonous spiders do not belong in your home or office. One of the extra services provided by our friendly technician’s is to clean out the water meter and the mailbox. No surprises for you when you reach for your mail. And, the meter readers always love our clients.

Termites- Our annual termite checks will keep you educated on the “health” of your home. Termites are like cancer to your home. Chances are, your home will be your biggest investment. We want to make sure it keeps it’s value. Termites rack up billions of dollars in damage, not covered by insurance, every year. The humidity of the South makes your home the perfect breeding ground. If you get the unpleasant news that you have termites, our specialized technicians will treat your home or office and get rid of the termites.

Absolute Pest Control is not just Pest Control, we take the time to find out your needs, create a plan that works, offer packages that cover more than any other pest control company, offer 100% moony back guarantee, have highly skilled and trained technicians, provide extra services, offer annual termite checks (often for free) and we have the best prices.

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