Phorid Fly or Coffin Fly

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Diptera: Phoridae, Megaselia scalaris.

The Phorids, also known as humpbacked flies, are small to minute flies that
resemble fruit flies in appearance.  The Phorid fly lacks the red eye color that is the classic
trademark of the fruit fly.  Phorid flies are in the small category of flies, measuring up to 1/8
inch in length, including the wings.  The most prominent feature of this fly is the
humpbacked shape of its thorax.  Like the Fruit flies The Phorid fly breeds primarily in and
feeds on moist decaying organic matter. They are concern especially to hospitals, health
care facilities and restaurants because of  it’s frequents unsanitary areas (with the ability to
spread disease causing bacteria onto food products).