Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the common questions customers ask us. We hope that you find the answer you are looking for. However, if you do not, please call us or contact us HERE.

Q.- Are your technicians trained?

A.- Our technicians are trained and attend continuing education classes. This ensures you receive the best possible protection from unwanted pests without over using chemicals that harm the environment.

Q.- How long does the appointment last?

A.- The initial appointment will be approximately 1 hour. Our technicians will look for indications that pests are hiding, as well as, the obvious seen intruders.

Q. – What if I just want one treatment?

A. – Our team will follow your wishes for a one-time treatment. There is not the same guarantee that comes with a treatment plan.

Q. – It says 100% Money Back Guarantee, is that correct?

A. – Yes, if we cannot treat your home, business, or real estate property we will refund your purchase price.

Q. – How often will I receive a visit with a maintenance program?

A. – Our technicians come every other month and provide a 20+ inspection with each service.

Q. – Which technician will come to my house?

A. – Click here to see the pictures of our technicians. Technicians are routed by service areas. In an effort to serve you best, they even remove their shoes when they are in your home.

Q. – What is your charter number?

A. – Our charter number is 1480.

Q. – I have a new home, does that mean I am free of termites?

A. – You may not have termites right now but prevention can’t start too soon. We have treated over 2000 homes and structures in the last 7 years alone. 

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