Bed Bug Removal

Our Bed Bug Removal Service

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Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

It Doesn’t Mean Your Home Is Dirty

Getting an infestation of bed bugs brings shame to families and hotels. But, truth be told, a clean home can get infestations too. They are easy to spread.


Check Your Mattress

Remove the sheets and look at the corners, seams, and piping for fecal spots left behind by bed bugs.


Look For Blood Stains

Insect your pajamas and bedding (especially your sheets) for small blood stains.


Look For Shed Skins

Another thing to look for is shed skins, exoskeletons, and/or bug shells.

Bed Bug 101

The first step to make sure that you identify that the bug you are looking at is in fact a true bed bug. If not addressed sooner, the bed bugs have time to spread to more places in your home than you originally thought were infested.

A bed bug has been commonly confused with other similar looking pests such as carpet beetles, adult fleas, or lice. It is apparent that you first identify that what you are looking at is in face a bed bug.

Bed Bugs can hide anywhere


How To Prepare For Your Treatment

It may seem daunting to prepare for your treatment after receiving the news you have bed bugs. Preparing for our bed bug removal service using the steam treatment has 3 basic steps.

We have outlined the steps in our blog. Click the link below to read about each of the 3 steps.

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