Backyard Tips For July

Get Your Backyard Beautiful!

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warm. The days are longer. Last year we posted this article about sprucing up the backyard. Since our work is now done… we thought we would share it again to help someone else!

Backyard Paradise List: 

First, trim or prune all bushes, shrubs, and trees that are on our property. If this is more work than you or your family can handle, ask some neighborhood kids to help or call your local landscaping company for quotes. The best part about hiring the neighborhood youngsters is that they get to make a little spending money and have pride in their accomplishment (as they will see it on a regular basis).

Second, pressure wash the concrete patio. We already own a pressure washer, so that reduces the costs! To do this correctly, remove all patio furniture, grills, rugs, and other backyard living accessories. Our pressure washer is electric. Electric pressure washers are perfect for small projects around the house. This type hooks up to the water spigot and then is plugged into an electrical outlet. The water is pushed out the spray nozzle when the trigger is pressed. Make sure your movements are even and symmetrical or your finished patio may look like a snowflake cut out from kindergarten. When this is complete return your patio furniture and accessories to their desired locations. This is a great time to redesign the furniture placement in your backyard paradise.

Backyard Bench
Courtesy of via Pinterest

Third, replace and repair stuff. If you have not thrown out old or broken items from the last season, this is the time to do it. You test hoses for leaks, patio cushions for mold or tears, and replace those citronella candles. These things do not need to be replaced each year. Test your grill. If you have a propane fueled grill, get your propane topped off. Or buy a gauge to monitor your gas levels. Sit on all chairs, benches, or swings to verify they are still safe. Your backyard paradise area should be of comfort and not a liability for injury.

Fourth, get creative. Your backyard retreat is your backyard paradise. You can personalize it to reflect your personal style and imagination. While perusing Pinterest, I found this bench idea. It is different, easy (even for a beginner), adds foliage with it being in the way, and none of your neighbors have even thought of this! The image has a very nice wooden bench seat. This, however, can be replaced with the wood of choice for your needs. We recommend using a sealant to make sure your piece lasts for more than one season. Would you love to have one or two of these for your backyard paradise?

Backyard Paradise Maintenance:

Maintenance: the word that just means work! Maintaining your backyard retreat area does not have to be a big chore. Routine upkeep on a weekly basis will allow you time to enjoy your backyard retreat. For our family, we will need to pick a Saturday to get our backyard living space cleaned, repaired, and ready to grill! Summer is just a month away and the grill has already been lit!

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If you’re going to enjoy spending time outside this summer, you’re going to need bug spray. Without it, a camping trip, picnic, or even a walk through the park becomes a “biting” Mosquito filled experience. What makes it so effective?

Most people just use the spray and think nothing about what it really made from. What’s it made of? How does it work? Is there a way to make it more effective? If you know how bug spray works, you’ll be able to protect yourself that much better. Here’s what we think you should know about what bug spray is, why to use it, and how to use it correctly.


Most bug sprays you apply to your body are technically insect “repellents,” not insecticides. However, what that means is that the bug spray doesn’t kill bugs. The main goal of that spray is to keep them away from you. Most bug sprays accomplish this by disguising your scent.

Your body naturally produces carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes and other insects sense and track carbon dioxide from animals to find food. The chemicals in bug spray cover up the scent or smell of carbon dioxide. This blocks your smell from hunting insects. Most bug sprays smell repulsive and cover your scent to people and bugs. This deters them from biting you.


Bug sprays consist of a concentrated dose of their active ingredient. However it’s the active ingredient in the bug spray is the chemical that masks carbon dioxide’s scent and deters insects. However, there are a number of chemicals commonly used as the active ingredient.

  • DEET is the most common active ingredient in bug spray. It’s a colorless, water-resistant synthetic chemical.
  • Citronella oil extracted from the leaves and stems of various Cymbopogon (lemongrass) plants.
  • Picaridin is a synthetic chemical ingredient. The chemicals resemble the natural compound piperine, which is found in plants that produce black pepper.
  • Oil derived from the leaves of eucalyptus trees.

Some bug sprays may use random ingredients not evaluated by the EPA. Some of these ingredients are called minimum risk pesticides. Therefore some chemicals are “proven” to be safe but have not been confirmed to be effective. We prefer the use of Picaridin as the active ingredient over DEET and other natural repellents.


Absolute Pest Control recommends only using approved sprays. First, follow the directions on the can/bottle. Second, only use as directed. Never use more repellent than is recommended. Lastly, apply the spray to skin that’s exposed and over clothing is just as effective and minimizes your exposure to chemicals.

Don’t apply the spray to the face, eyes, hands, ears, inner ear, or mouth. Avoid spraying on any wounds or damaged skin. First, apply bug spray only when you’re outdoors. In addition, don’t breathe the spray when you are applying it. Above all, wash off bug spray when you’re done outside.

In conclusion, don’t use bug spray in abundance.


If you have bugs, bugging you, call us to help make your yard fun again.

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