Homeowners Guide for Getting Rid of Summer Ants

Coming To A Family Outing Near You – Ants!

Read our Guide for getting rid of summer ants.

How To Get Rid Of Ants

It happens all the time. You get your friends and family together for a picnic or bbq. Then, unwanted ants crash your party.

It Isn’t Just Outside

Ants wreck havoc on the inside of your home as well. The moisture in bathrooms and food crumbs in kitchens are prime reasons ants come inside. All living things need food and shelter.

Ants, Ants, Ants!

With over 700 species of ants living in the U.S., it’s crucial to know what type you have in your home. That’s where our highly trained technicians come in! 

Identifying An Odorous House Ant

It will come as no surprise, after a name like that, that when crushed these ants give a terrible smell. It is similar to a rotten coconut. They are ingenious at finding ways into your home. Remember when doing yard work, make sure no branches from bushes or trees touch your home. Those branches are super highways for pests to enter your home. These pesky ants are looking for moisture and sweet treats. They won’t make you sick but contaminate food.

Identifying A Carpenter Ant

These ants come with a structural damage probability! They chew through wood to make tunnels. They can do more damage in termites if left untreated. People often complain about big, black ants. Regular external home inspections will help reduce the likelihood of them invading your house. They can bite humans.

Identifying A Red Ant

The color is obvious. They generally live in large mounds of loosely piled dirt. If you disturb the nest, you should get away fast. They become very angry and will bite you. When a red any bites you, it also injects a toxin into it’s victim. They can bite a single victim multiple times. And, if that wasn’t enough, they also emit an pheromone letting other ants know that an attack is happening and they need back up. When performing your exterior home inspection, look for loosely piled mounds of dirt. Call a pest control professional (like us) to treat your yard for these Stinging Red Ants.

Other Ants That May Bother You

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