Tips To Reduce Mosquitos in Tennessee

Mosquitoes are a normal part of our summer. Apart from the annoying sound they make, the bite of a mosquito is painful and transmits diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria fever, yellow fever, dengue fever, and some others. That the mosquito population likes warm temperature doesn’t mean that they cannot be exterminated.

While mosquitoes are natural parts of the ecosystem, human activities also help in increasing their population. To enjoy a mosquito-free summer holiday, these are some ways we could get rid of these pests in our surrounding. 


  1. Eliminate Breeding Grounds: Mosquitoes prefer standing water, ponds, or puddles to lay their eggs. Eggs laid outside of water can survive years without hatching but starts hatching the moment it comes in contact with water. Breeding grounds in your yards or patios don’t only affect you; it affects your neighbours as well. As a result, adequately take care of any places that can become breeding grounds.

Tips On Eliminating Mosquito Breeding Ground

  • Eliminate standing waters: Get rid of or drill holes in old tires in playgrounds to get rid of standing water. Remove or turn over empty pots, buckets, barrels, containers, or other objects that hold water which are not in use and water that accumulates on pool covers.
  • Clean out troughs, eaves, and gutters around your house.
  • Regularly change the water in plant pots and allow plants to hang at least once a week.
  1. Keep Your Surroundings Clean: Mosquitoes would avoid your environment if they notice they cannot reproduce or survive there. A clean environment drives mosquitoes away.

Tips To Reduce Mosquitos in Tennessee

  • Adequately cover your garbage cans.
  • Remove excess grass, firewood, clippings, and leaves from your yard. Lawn debris creates places that can accumulate water.
  • Clean out pools regularly: A proper filtration system in your pool can prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Put fish that eat mosquito larvae in your ornamental pond.
  • Put mosquito nets over your rainwater reservoir.
  1. Mosquito Proof Your Home: This prevents mosquitoes from gaining access into your home. Ensure you close doors and windows and if you must open your windows, make sure it’s sealed with a screen. Don’t leave holes on your house exterior unattended to as mosquitos can come in through these holes.   
  2. Plant Mosquito Repelling Plants Around Your Home: Mosquitoes are sensitive to specific smell which chases them away. Some shrubs are known to drive mosquitoes away effectively. Examples include marigolds, lemon trees, citronella grass, mint leaves, and tulsi. Plant these close to doors and windows, and it will prevent mosquitoes from coming into your home.
  3. Use Of Essential Oils: Your home can smell tremendous and drive mosquitoes away too. Some essential oils act as repellents and can be used both for your skin (mix with a carrier oil) and house.  Examples of these essential oils include tea tree oil, lavender oil, mint oil, and tulsi oil.
  4. Mosquito Elimination Treatment And Larvicides: Using a barrier treatment at home might mean you don’t need DEET, which contains bug spray on your body. These treatments eliminate about 90% of mosquitoes in your surroundings. Also spraying larvicides in your environment kills mosquito larvae and, as such, prevents them from developing into adults.

If every house in Smyrna carries out these tips, mosquitoes are likely to become a forgotten story. And we would enjoy our summer without having to worry about these unwanted pests. 

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