We all want to come home to a beautiful, clean and big house. And of course, a pest-free home. Admit it or not, do we really know that the house we live in are safe and pest-free? Real estate agents and homeowners in Nashville, Middle Tennessee should be wary about the dangers brought about the pests to a family especially to young children. Remember that damages caused by pests are not covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies. Homeowners can prevent these pesky creatures from entering your house and reduce frustration. Like doctors say “An ounce of prevention is really better than a pound of cure.” Below are the best tips to pest-proof your house.

  1. None of us want gatecrashers especially when they are skunks, snakes, or cockroaches. Check the entire exterior of the house for any gaps and cracks. Pests, particularly rodents, use even the tiniest gaps to enter your love nest. The easiest way is to limit attacks by thorough inspection and repair of broken doors and windows; repair rips, openings, tears or holes on screens.
  2. Honeymooners or families who are moving in to a new apartment in Nashville, Tennessee should also check for cracks on walls or swarmers. Press or knock on any exterior wood to check if there are termites feasting on your walls. If it feels spongy, there could be termites. These tiny creatures are feeding on your wood that would cause the collapse of your house. Check also if there are dirt tubes or saw dust. These are sure signs that would tell you that the house you are moving into has termites.
  3. Choose your bulbs right to prevent flying insects around your home. Halogen lights are better compared with standard mercury vapor lights as they help reduce flying insects around doors and windows. Use pink, yellow or orange colors and place them in pole lights, if possible, away from doors with the light shining toward the door for safety.
  4. We are always reminded to keep our home surroundings clean. When our house surrounding is neat and free from litter, weeds and standing water; we are certain that we are not giving pests a chance to feed on bacteria-forming debris. Make sure that trash cans are regularly cleaned to remove debris and help prevent spills. This way, we are also shielding our family from harmful diseases like Rocky Mountain Flu, Asthma, Lime Disease, and more caused by pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents and more.
  5. While keeping our surroundings clean would eliminate pests, it is also important to trim plants particularly tree branches or bushes that are reaching your house as pests use them as bridges. For homeowners who prefer using mulch over rocks as covering, you may opt to use organic mulches since they are less pest-attractive. Termites especially love the redwood mulch around homes. They are attracted to the wood shreds and will quickly move into your home from there.
  6. Lastly, if you find some evidence that termites, snakes or skunks have infested your house, the best thing to do is to call us, Absolute Pest Control. We have the expertise to protect your home. And, we offer the best guarantee in Middle Tennessee! With Absolute Pest Control; You’re Covered!