Your reputation as a business owner is crucial for commercial business success. It doesn’t matter if your own a restaurant, a clothing store, or a hotel pest control is important. Your customers may be fickle and like you one day but not the next. How can our pest control company help you do better in business? Follow these tips for success:

  1. Take out the trash – it seems like a no-brainer but employees sometimes cut corners. Making sure the trash goes into the dumpsters on a regular basis (more often in food service) and that the dumpster is not within a close vicinity to the business itself.
  2. Sanitize – keep your surfaces, tools, and floors properly sanitized. Soda machine drain tubes are a magnet for problems. Regular sanitizing will reduce the filth rodents and other pests love. This step will help keep the health inspector away too!
  3. Dry it out – standing water or left over moisture is bad. There are multiple things that can happen with water. People can slip and sue. Mold will grow in damp, moisture filled grout, cracks, and corners. Any pest control company will tell you that standing water is both a breeding ground for bugs but also a source of hydration for rats, mice, and other creatures.
  4. Train employees – your employees are the first line of defense in maintaining pest control problems. If you train your employees, also make sure you are following the same proper techniques. Being a good leader will strengthen your team.
  5. Hire a professional pest control company – like us! Having a quality pest control company on your side will protect your business and clientele. Our timely inspections will eliminate and keep pests away.

These simple steps will help any business keep their facility clean, safe, and the customers happy. Absolute Pest Control wants to be the pest control company you trust.

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