It’s Always Termite Season In Tennessee

It really is Always Termite Season In Tennessee.

Why Is It Always Termite Season In Tennessee?

First, let’s back up a minute and say the most active time for termites is Springtime. People will see swarms and assume that is the only time they are active. They are swarming to grow their colonies and become a bigger problem for you! But, in the South termites are active all year around.

Why Are Termites So Active In Tennessee?

It is more than just Tennessee that can be problematic with termites. The whole Southern part of the United States is susceptible. Termites thrive in warm, humid temperatures over 70 degrees.

Will You See Termites In Winter?

You may find evidence of termites in Winter. If you see their tubes, it’s important to have a termite inspection. Occasionally, they are old tubes. Perhaps the house was treated before you lived there. But, better safe than sorry.

Other signs include:

  • Maze like trails
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Crumbling damaged wood (this is sometimes water damage)
  • Leftover wings from a swarm
  • The termites themselves


Can You Prevent Termites?

Yes, you can fight back against the fact that it is always termite season in Tennessee by having your new build pre-treated and having an annual inspection. First, there are ways to treat a brand new home to help reduce the chances of getting termites fora. long period of time. Second, in any home get an annual termite inspection so you can keep on top of any problem. And, last, perform your own termite inspections while cleaning. Read more HERE.

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