A termite Inspection of your home is an important part of your home maintenance. Where you look, is as important as looking itself. In this article, we will go over the 5 places you should do as part on your termite inspection. Additionally, we will explain what to look for.

#1 The Attic

Your home’s attic is typically framed from wood. This makes it an ideal place for termite colonies to expand unchecked. If you do not have an attic, equally important is your home’s eaves. When inspecting the attic and eaves, look for the most recognizable item: termite tubes, droppings, or wings.

#2 The Deck or Pergola

Paint or stain untreated wood used in inexpensive deck and pergola options. Next, inspect the support beams. Out of sight and out of mind, is not a good thing. Look for the common signs of termites: mud tubes, discarded wings, and droppings.

#3 Wood Piles

Don’t forget to check your outdoor wood. Neatly stacked firewood is a perfect place for pests. The closer the pile of wood is to the house, the bigger the danger for termites going into your home. In fact, spiders, like the Black Widow, make homes in wood piles.

Dead tree limbs and branches are important to include in your termite inspection. Soon after a storm dispose of discarded or old tree and shrubbery pieces as soo as possible.

#4 Basements

If you have a basement, it is imperative to do your termite inspection there too. Your basement is not frequently visited, similar to your attic. This creates a quiet, rarely disturbed place for termites to set up their homes. Furthermore, your home’s wood posts, joints, dampness, and the sub-floor are all exposed. Inspect these the same as the attic.

#5 Crawlspaces

Crawlspaces, for instance, are similar to basements, all that exposed wood and rarely a human visitor. Adding to possibility of a termite infestation is the fact that the soil is completely exposed. This makes a quicker route for termites to crawl from the soil and munch on your wooden undercarriage. Do an annual termite inspection in your crawlspace. In conclusion, you need a professional inspection annually.

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A professional termite inspector identifies small issues you may have missed. We recommend annual termite inspections.

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