Do It Yourself Home Pest Control and Pest Control Service

Is it safe to provide your yourself with home pest control? It is possible, with training, to safely use pesticides to control pests around your home. But, realistically, how many people are properly trained or even read the directions on the label? The biggest problem is the amount of pesticides the homeowners or renters in Middle Tennessee dump onto the land and eventually get into the nearby water sources. So what is the safest way to protect your home, the water sources, and provide yourself with do it yourself pest control service?

Read- Your first step is to read all literature that comes with the pesticides (chemicals) that you purchasing to understand what pests it will kill and the correct safe dosage. Other important pieces of information include storage, safety gear, and guidelines for best days for installation. Check with the laws in your county or region regarding pest control service to ensure you are following the laws governing your area.

Pest control safetyEquipment- What safety equipment do you need to safely and properly provide home pest control? After purchasing your pesticides and safely get them to your home, make sure you have the safety equipment needed. For low level pesticides long pants, long sleeves, and closed toed shoes are sufficient. When using any other level of pesticides or chemicals add another layer of clothing like coveralls to increase your safety in case of a leak or spill. Many of these products to protect your home from pests also are eye irritants. Wearing safety googles or a face mask will keep you face and eyes safe. Topping off your outfit with rubber boots is an excellent way to add another layer of easily washable plastic.

Prep- Before you even start prepping to spray, make sure your safety equipment is on before doing your do it yourself pest control service!

Application- It is now time to apply the pesticide. Check the weather. A windy day is never a good day for you to spray your home pest control. The pesticides will not lay where you planned on it. Avoid spraying for pests when children or animals are nearby. Other areas to be caution include bee hives, kiddie pools, and vegetable gardens. Don’t overspray into your neighbors yards.

Tips- Follow the application schedule so your are not reapplying to often. Always read the directions. Use common sense. When in doubt, call a professional.

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