Musophobia? What Is It?

Musophobia is the fear of mice. And, it is the one of the most common fears (besides arachnophobia). Musophobia is also known as Suriphobia and Murophobia.

What Causes People To Suffer From Musophobia?

When a person has a traumatic experience that has a mouse or mice as the main villains, they may develop Musophobia. It is the brain’s protective mechanism to shield the person from being in the same situation again. Sounds reasonable, but can actually be difficult to control in the grand scheme of things. Living your life in fear of mice can leave people afraid to leave their homes.

How Can You Tell If You Suffer From Musophobia?

If you have a true clinical fear of mice, you will exhibit several types of symptoms depending on the degree you suffer from Musophobia. Common symptoms include general anxiety, panic, shortness of breathe, irregular heart rate, sweating, nausea, and overall dread. These symptoms can be brought on by multiple events. The thought of seeing a mouse. Walking through an alley way. Or even seeing a mouse on TV. If you feel like you have Musophobia, consult a health care professional.

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