The female house mouse can reproduce at an alarming rate. In a single year, a female can have herself, her children, her grand children, her great grand children, her great-great grand children all reproduce offspring. Which can realistically be 5000 mice from one single female mouse. Is it an epidemic, no. Can it be a problem quickly, yes?!

Where do mice feel most comfortable? They will have everything they need within 30 feet of themselves, in a perfect environment. They like to live in and around buildings where it is dark. Areas that protect them are also important; like boxes, stoves, refrigerators, empty homes, etc. The diet of house mice is not a lot; mostly nibbling. They will happily eat the cereal and grains in your pantry but they are not picky. The feeding times of mice are dusk to midnight and early morning to dawn. Also, they do not need an abundance of water. They gather most of the water they need from the foods they eat.

What we can do for you? Absolute Pest Control can eradicate any mice or rat issues that you currently have and prevent future problems, either in your home, business, or restaurant. We treat for your current problem and teach you how to stop future breakouts. Mice can create a hazardous environment for your family or your business. The health department can shut your business down in a moment if mice droppings can or will harm patrons to your business.

Mice Facts:
Can compress their bodies to match the size of their skull
Breed 2 days after giving birth
Can climb vertical walls
Run across wires, even upside down
Can survive in temperatures down -4 degrees Fahrenheit