How To Keep Pests Away From Your Summer BBQ

food-summer-party-dinnerThe weather is warm and when you are dodging the crazy summer thunderstorms eating outside is an enjoyable activity. It can turn disastrous quickly if pests come out in droves. We are helping you avoid mosquitos and other stinging pests to ultimately enjoy your event. Here are 5 easy tips to have a successful and pest free bbq, picnic or other outside gathering.


#1 Bug Spray aka Insect Repellant

Photo Courtesy of Cutter®Spraying yourself and family, while having extra bug spray for your guests will help reduce mosquito bites. We recommend a bug spray that has Picaridin. Use sprays with DEET on clothing.

#2 Avoid Perfume

Photograph: Martin Poole/Getty ImagesNo one wants to smell bad in a group setting. But, yellow jackets and other stinging pests are attracted to perfumes. By limiting your extra fragrance smell, it will help reduce the chance of getting stung by a yellow jacket.

#3 Install Screen Doors and Repair Ripped Screens

trees-broken-inside-window-largeIf possible, install screen doors and keep them shut help reduce pests coming into your home. Also, do a perimeter check of existing screens to look for rips, tears or holes. Bug can get through the smallest tear, so repairing and patching the holes immediately is very important. If it is a last minute issue, use tape (like duct or packing) to help block openings.

#4 Clean Up Messes

messy child birthday cakeNo your Mother isn’t going to clean it up for you. Wipe down spills right away. Let your grill burn for 5 extra minutes after removing your food. And, keep foods covered to help reduce ants and flies from being unwanted guests are your house.

#5 No Standing Water


We can’t say this enough. Make sure there is no standing water around your home. This includes planters, bird baths, buckets and other things like kid’s toys. Mosquitos breed in just an inch of standing water.


Our seasonal mosquito treatment can remedy the problems mosquitos bring. This service is seasonal, no need for a year long expense. The cost is low (average yard $50-$80). We offer a discount to our existing customers. Still not sure? We offer a free consultation to give you an exact cost.

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