The name Bed Bug likely comes from the fact that they are small bugs found feeding on humans while they are asleep in their beds. Don’t quote us on that! They are found pretty much anywhere people are gathered. This includes: homes, apartments, churches, hotels, schools, offices, retail stores, and public transportation (buses, subways, etc.).

Some Fascinating Information About Bed Bugs:

Unfed bed bugs are a translucent brown. Well-fed ones are a dark brownish red in color. And, nymphs are translucent. They have 6 legs. Their shape is oval and flat when hungry. And then, oval and puffed up when engorged with blood. The length of the average bed bug is 1/4 inch long. These pest also come with antennae.

Where Are Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are all over the United States.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs live in cracks and small cervices near humans. Because human beings are their food source. They can live in baseboards, mattresses, couches, behind wall paper, in upholstery, and other furniture. When they are hitching a ride from one place to another, they have been found in backpacks, public transportation, and in cars.

Will A Bite From A Bed Bug Kill Me?

It is extremely rare for a these pests bite to kill a human. At times, there are allergic reactions to bed bugs.

How Will I Know A Bed Bug Bit Me?

Bed bugs leave a red, swollen, itchy welt on your skin. People are most often bitten in the abdomen; but the bites can be anywhere on your body.

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