When is Termite Season?

Spring is considered as termite season. This is the time when swarms and infestations are seen. Regardless of where you live, termites live there too. Now is the time to have your home inspected and, if necessary, treated for termites. Termites are sometimes referred to as white ants because of their color and appearance. They silently destroys your home and your furniture. They can be undetected for years. It can devastate your home without you knowing it. Termites and pests feed on dead plants or woods like your house foundation, wooden floor, shelves, carpets and even your bed. No home would ever like to be terrorized by these small but destructive creatures. You cannot ignore the devastation they can cause on your home. It can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Termites cause millions of dollars to property damage each year.

Ways to Get Rid of Termites

If you are suspecting that termites are present in your home, it is best to do something about it immediately. Try to do a research on how to eliminate these bugs. There are a lot of ways that you can do to eliminate or prevent the termites in your home.

  • Make sure to eliminate moisture problem.
  • Repair leaking problems, air condition units, and water pipes.
  • Keep all ventilation open and keep your gutters and down- spouts clean. Also, make sure that water and pipes are all sealed.
  • You need remove all food sources. Remove all the dead wood in your yard. Get rid of the rotting tree stumps, scrap wood, and even an untreated fence post because it only attracts the termites to invade your home.
  • Woods should not contact the soil. It’s also best that you place screens outside the vents. Don’t let these termites destroy what you’ve invested and worked for.

Time For Help

It is also wise to seek a termite control company like Absolute Pest Control. Always get an annual inspection; the termite specialist will know and reveal the extent of damage in your home. We offer a FREE Termite Inspection. There are a lot of pest control service companies which offer different treatments to termite infestation. We offer complete satisfaction.

Ask Questions

Never rush decisions when dealing with a termite problem. There are lots of questions to ask your specialist, how broad is the damage? How much does it cost for this kind of work? What are they going to use to exterminate these creatures? Any cost is less than the amount of rebuilding your home. Make a wise and educated choice in your termite service. For those homeowners who want to permanently eliminate termites in their homes, we offer long term solutions. With our help your home will be a termite-free.

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