When Are Mosquitos Most Active?

The best way to avoid mosquito bite is to know what time and season they are most active. Apart from the fact that they can be a nuisance, the buzzing and painful bites are incredibly annoying. Mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, West Nile virus, amongst others. Mosquitos are seen mostly in marshy areas, standing waters and bogs, wetlands, farming operations and so on.

The United States has over 180 species of mosquitos having different activity levels and habits. Their activity time ranges from day time to mid-afternoon, dusk and dawn. The two most common species are AedesAegypt (Asian tiger), mostly active during the day (morning and late afternoon) and CulexPipiens (common house mosquito).



Most mosquitoes find daylight, especially when the sun is at its peak, to be dangerous simply because they to become dehydrated. During this time, they find solace in shady wooded areas, shaded wetlands, standing waters or bogs. So if you want to avoid been bitten by a mosquito, avoid these areas during the day if you can help it. If a mosquito has gained access to your house, they stay active longer because of the temperature of your house. Mosquitos in the home are protected from direct sunlight and therefore from dehydration.


That period just before the night, mosquitos are overly active since there is no exposure to sunlight which can kill them. The common house mosquito during, the day, finds its way into a house if it is not already in one. You must keep it out of your home because even if one gains entry into your apartment, it will repeatedly bite. After all, there aren’t other victims around. Also, if you don’t stay alone, just that one mosquito will bite everyone it sees around repeatedly.


Most mosquitoes still carry out their activities during the night period. As long as they have access to your house, they’ll keep biting till they are chased out. Mosquitoes are drawn in by carbon dioxide, so even if you turn off every light in your home, they will still locate you. The best way to rid yourself of this disease-causing insect is to deny them access to your house completely.


Mosquito seasons depend on temperature levels. Rather than paying attention to season, we should pay attention to temperature. Mosquitos love warm weather; therefore, their season slowly starts in spring into summer where they are most active and gradually fades in fall. For some places, however, mosquitoes are more active around February and March, for others June to July is more intense for them and, for temperate regions, mosquitoes can operate all year long. During the cold months, some mosquitos die, and others hibernate because they can’t survive in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature rises above 50 degrees, mosquitos begin to emerge, and eggs start to hatch even in winter. Weather is the criteria for the activity of a mosquito, as long as the temperature warms past 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they would be active.


It is not enough to know when mosquitos are most active. It would help if you tried to avoid them altogether. First, you must prepare for their season—stock up on insecticides and mosquito traps. Use extra protection such as mosquito repellent when going out, especially during their peak hours and avoid places where they breed. When temperature allows, wear clothes that are impregnated with mosquito repellent and ensure they cover your skin.

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