Termites and Their Damage Have Been Around For A Long Time!

Termites have been here long before us. The natural job of termites is to clear out fallen and rotting lumber. It seems fitting that if our homes are made from dead wood, termites will come and do the job they were destined to do: eat the wood. However, this is not what we want.

Termites divide the colony into castes. The social organization of termites is: reproductives,  workers and soldiers. The reproductives include the Queen who can lay 20,000 to 30,000 eggs per day. Interestingly, the king and queen of a colony mate for life. The worker termites carry out the duties of the colony. Their jobs are based on an what is good for all; gathering food, nest maintenance and other duties depending on the species. The soldier termite protects the colony or nest from attackers. The most common type of defense needed is from ants.

termites colony damage

What do termites eat?

A termites diet is based on cellulose. The cellulose comes from wood and plant fibers.


The workers are responsible for building the nest. It is an intricate space with nurseries, living space, the ability to conserve water and protection from the elements.

termites shelter tubes imageShelter Tubes

The overall strength of termites is not high. They have little strength and need water to survive. Being out in the open is dangerous for termites. They will create shelter tubes like underground super highways. Often these pests will have the shelter tubes to find new food sources when the local food source is not as plentiful.

If you feel like you may have termites at your home or have seen any of the shelter tubes, it was important to have an inspection. Absolute Pest Control offers free annual Termite Inspections for homeowners. Please called for one of our trained professional technicians to give you piece of mind. 615-220-1933