Termites and Termite Damage ($5 billion annually) in the Middle Tennessee area

Real pictures of local damage from termites

Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee’s reputation as a friendly and viable economic center continues to soar as the areas quality of life and creative spirit attracts new people and jobs every day. It has featured in the top 10 places to start a business, and the cities of Middle Tennessee have featured in top 25 which offer jobs. In fact Nashville has outperformed New York in many aspects. That growth brings more prosperity to the middle Tennessee state. In United States alone Termites cause over $5 billion in property damage every year for the home owners.


Let’s see what makes these invaders so formidable and how to stop them. Subterranean termites are social creatures living in a highly organized caste system in the underground colony. Every termite has a given role and they depend upon one another for survival. The queen can lay thousands of eggs in her life time. The specific termites live to reproduce with the queen. The soldier’s job is to protect the colony from the invaders like ants. Swarmer’s are the termites with the wings. When ready they emerge from the colonies to begin more colonies. A colony can house thousands to millions of termites and it is common to find two or more colonies competing with one another for food around a property.

The workers are responsible for feeding the colony. Workers forge for food 24/7 by building tunnels from the colony to the food they find. Once they discover food, workers mark the path with pheromone the chemical they produce to communicate with each other. These pests can enter the home by opening as small as 1/132nd of an inch. If there is a settlement crack, loose moulded joint, a small space around a drainpipe, or a crack in your foundation, therein the damage begins

Termites can travel the length of football to find food. Just like a tree which expands its branches towards sunlight, termites add additional tunnels to the main tunnel to maximize the chance of finding food.

So naturally they find and began feeding on the bait stations. They can’t help it, as it is in their DNA. Their biology is why the system, the science, works.

Research tells that they prefer the unique bait over wood. Once adjusted, the patented active ingredient, known as flumeron, prevents the workers from multing. When they cannot mult they die. Dead termites can be their colony, so their colony dies. Since the termites can’t detect the flumeron, they continue feeding on the bait until all the termites are dead and the whole colony is gone.

We treat your home before and after a problem has been found. Bait is just one treatment method that can be used to save and protect your home. If you suspect you have a termite issue or would like to start a preventative plan click below to start the free inspection process.