What do Termites, Ants, Wood Chips and Mulch all have in common? Pest Control issues if they are used around the perimeter of your home!

wood-chips- Termites

Here are some common questions we answer frequently about landscaping materials and pests that can damage your home.

Q. Does the use of Wood Chips and Mulch attract termites and ants to your home?

A. No, that is a commonly heard myth.

Q. Are Pine Needles a good replacement to Mulch?

A. Unfortunately, no. That is just another form of wood-type covering.

Q. Why are wood products bad for landscaping?

A. It isn’t wood per se that is the problem. It is the moisture that is under the Wood Chips or Mulch that can really bring on a problem. So you can use wood mulch around mailboxes or other landscaping that is far away from your home.

Q. So if Wood Chips and Mulch do not attract termites and ants, why do people tell me that?

A. Subterranean termite colonies feed off of the decaying wood in mulch and other wood landscaping products that homeowners use to help flowers and bushes survive in heat. The termite colonies send out workers to locate food and water sources. While the colony eats the current find another group is out foraging for the newest food source. If you think about mulch filled plant beds placed around your home, you may be setting your home up for multiple termite colonies. It is not a far road for termites to leave the mulch and start in on the wood in your home. Ants are also attracted to some mulches. It comes down to not attracting ants to your home and not providing a food source for termites.


No one wants termites and you can get them even without using wood chips or mulch. However by avoiding triggers like using mulch and wood chips in your landscaping around your home, can reduce the chances of having a termite problem in your home. We also offer a pretreatment plan that can help keep your home termite free. If you are interested contact our office HERE or call us today: 615-220-1933.


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