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Termite inspections are an important part of the home buying process. As a realtor, you have the opportunity to assist a buyer in finding the best pest control company for their needs. Some realtors have relationships that they have built over the years. But, if you don’t have a quality termite inspector, here are 5 tips for for new real estate agents handling a termite inspection.

Tip #1

Learn Why Termite Inspections Are Important And What Is Included

Tennessee has a high number of homes that have had or currently have termites. In fact, in the United States, termites do over $5 Billion in damage each year! Therefore, having an inspection done before buying the house is not only the law, but a very important inspection for your clients. And, not all inspectors are trained. Quality inspectors will now the types of termites that are known in the region and to recognize subtle clues left behind by termites. Our highly trained inspectors will look through the entire home and crawl space.

Tip #2

Even The Sellers Need To Know

We recommend an annual inspection to ensure that you do not have new termite activity. This is a protection process over the length of time you own your home. Recommending the inspection before listing the home will prevent surprises during the home selling process. And, no one likes surprises when trying to sell their home. Discussing these options will increase the trust your sellers have in you because you are looking out for their best interests.

Tip #3

Explain The Importance Of A Termite Inspection

There are homes that are sold as is. That may be a great way to get a discounted home, however there are many problems that come to light after the purchase has closed. If applicable, have a home and pest inspector go through the home before purchase. A home is the largest purchase most people make, providing information before it’s too late is important. A termite inspection is a benefit to both the buyers and the sellers.

Tip #4

Know What To Look For On The Inspection Report

Familiarize yourself with an inspection before presenting one to your clients. Take the time to discussion what everything means with the inspector. And, do some research (like this) on the Internet. The report will show things like what areas were blocked from inspection, which areas were accessible, if there is evidence of previous treatment, or if an infestation is suspected. And, the worst news, a current termite infestation is going on currently.

Tip #5

Establish Relationships With Several Pest Control Companies

Over the course of your career as a real estate agent in Tennessee, you will be part of many termite inspections. It is in your best interest to create and nurture relationships with several pest control companies. This will allow you to get some extra pointers, if needed, and have someone you can count on. Explaining that you trust the inspector to your client will hold a lot of weight.

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