How to Remove Bed Bugs With Steam!

Bed Bugs can hide anywhereIt’s a horror story that we hope is reserved for low quality hotels and motels, but it can happen anywhere. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that tend to live in clothing, old luggage or as the name suggest, in beds. They tend to hide in places where they are unlikely to be found, but have a quick path to bite people at night. So we will tell you how to use steam to get rid of bed bugs.

steam bed bugsIt is a common misconception that bed bugs are commonly found in places that are dirty, but this isn’t necessarily true. Since bed bugs live on blood, anywhere they can find it is as likely of a place to find them. So you could very well find bed bugs in a nice hotel such as Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, a cheap motel on the highway or even in your own home regardless of the cleanliness. Luckily, there is a simple removal process for killing bed bugs with steam so you can keep your home bug-free.

How To Kill Bed Bugs With Steam!

Steam is incredibly effective in the removal of bed bugs, however you will need a quality steamer. A steamer used for clothing or something such as a carpet cleaner will not work. You will want to use a commercial steamer, as these are the only ones which actually get hot enough to kill bed bugs using steam. These commercial steamers can be very expensive to buy, upwards of a thousand dollars, however you can simply rent a machine.


This steam works because it delivers a lethal amount of heat to bed bugs to kill them while causing no damage to your bed. This steam will kill any bed bugs on the surface, as well as bugs as deep as 3/4ths of an inch in the mattress. The surface of the fabric should be only between 160-180 degrees F, at this temperature the bed bugs will die however the fabric will not be damaged. When using the steamer, make sure to follow the directions the manufacturer provides to safely use the machine. Steam can cause burns, so be careful! Bed bugs can also be places besides your bed, so the steamer can also be applied to any area that you suspect may contain bed bugs. Following the steaming process, any bed bugs should be dead and any fabric may be damp. This will not hurt the fabric, just turn on a fan and let it air out and dry.

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