Quarantine Luggage? For Covid or Bed Bugs​

When you get back from a trip do you quarantine your luggage? Will a quarantine reduce the risk of the transfer of bed bugs? How about reducing the spread of Covid-19? In this article we will touch base on both of those questions. Don’t let fear take away your travel plans completely.

If I Quarantine Luggage Will I Be Safe From Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs can hitch rides on your luggage.

Bed bugs can hide in the pockets or piping of your luggage, duffel bag, and backpack. They are about the size of an apple seed. Therefore they can’t get through a zipped zipper. However they can hide in the fabric that “hides” the zipper.

Bed Bugs need blood to survive

If bed bugs have smuggled their way from one location to yours, they need blood to survive. Throwing your luggage on your bed to unpack is common and very troublesome. You are essentially putting bed bugs exactly where they want to be. In your bed! These pesky little creatures cannot live just on your clothing or luggage. The egg laying females will search for a new place to lay eggs near the food source, you or your family.

How do I stop these bed bugs?

You can essentially quarantine your luggage for 6 months in plastic. This allows the eggs and the live bed bugs to starve to death. But, your clothing cannot go into quarantine that long because you need it. Washing and drying your clothing on high temperatures will help. The first thing is to unpack in the driveway. Second place your clothing in a plastic bag. Third, take the bag straight to your washing machine. When empty, throw the bag away in an outside trash can.

So, that’s it… Quarantine luggage and wash clothing?

Although these are the measures you should take when returning from a trip with your luggage, sadly, it does not guarantee that you won’t bring a bed bug home. However, it greatly reduces the chance. We have other articles discussing what to do while at hotels to reduce the likelihood of letting bed bugs into your luggage.

What About Covid-19? Should I Do A Luggage Quarantine For Coronavirus?

Is your luggage really the biggest problem in transmission during travel.

The airlines are working hard to keep travelers safe. They have reduced the available seats, added sophisticated air filtration, and reduced “touch-points”. But, there are many people in and out of these airplanes. Even the staff adds to the exposure levels.

Medical experts say that transmission through luggage rate is very small. You don’t need to quarantine your luggage. But, taking smart precautions can’t hurt. Wipe down handle, zips, and other closure pieces with antibacterial wipes. Make sure you use hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly after touching your luggage.

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