How does one start preparing for bedbug treatment? It may seem daunting after getting told your have a bedbug problem or infestation. However, if you break it up into smaller steps, you’ll be ready in no time. See the steps below and contact us if you have any further questions.

Step 1

Bed Bugs can hide anywherePreparing for bedbug treatment starts with your bed. Next, remove all of the bedding. And, remove anything stored under the bed. You need to eliminate places for the bedbugs to hide.

Although, you have removed everything under your bed, you will leave it in the room to be treated. However, moving items occupied by bedbugs furthers the infestation. And, it can create more problems and cost for you.

Step 2

Next up in preparing for bedbug treatment is the closet. Similar to cleaning out under the bed, you need to clean out the closet. Be careful to keep the affected items in the room(s) being treated. This is a good time to reduce some of your unneeded clothing, shoes, etc. And, it will leave less places for pests to hide. The trash receptacle must be kept a far distance to the house until pickup time.

Step 3

Last in preparing for bedbug treatment is to make sure there are no further piles or items in the hallway outside the bedroom. Don’t give the bedbugs another safe haven during treatment. Keep the area clean for trained technicians. And, leave halls clean of debris for safety.


If you have bugs, bugging you, call us to help make your home safe again.

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