Fall Pests in Tennessee

As the weather temperatures start to dip in the evening and then during the day, many people breathe a sigh of relief. But, the battle against bugs has not ended. In fact, a new battle will begin. The common fall pests in Tennessee include: Asian Lady Bugs (Lady Beetle), Stick Bugs, Mosquitos (yes, still), Box Elder Bugs, and rodents. These pests are not yet dormant, they are stocking up on food stores, mating, and finding a new Winter home. Contrary to popular belief, Fall Pests are in their highest numbers.

Absolute Pest Control provides you with the most common Fall pests in Tennessee.

Asian Lady Bugs (Lady Beetle)-

The most variant beetle species in the world. Their range of colors is also vast. Although native to Eastern Asia, these tiny pests are now in the United States. Originally, they were brought here to help reduce aphids and other insects. Because of the orange coloring and appearance in Fall, people refer to them as Halloween lady beetle. Asian lady beetles aren’t dangerous to people, but do invade homes in very large numbers in the fall, attracted by its sunny warm exterior, and can become a huge nuisance for homeowners to deal with. Because the beetles will use crevices and other cool, dry, confined spaces to overwinter, significant numbers may congregate inside walls if given a large enough opening.

Stick bugs-

These inspects look like they would not cause issues and for the most part they don’t. They will eat leaves, mostly on Oak trees. But, even an army of them won’t eat all the leaves on your lawn. It is reported that stick bugs have a defense mechanism that allows them to spray a chemical. That spray may cause temporary pain and blindness. But, it has not happened to us.


Yes, they are still an issue. With all the rain sitting around in containers, in puddles, or buckets, the mosquitoes will hatch. There are leaves on the trees and that is where mosquitoes hang out. 

Box Elder Bugs-

The box elder bug is a common pest over much of the United States. These insects pests feed principally by sucking juices from the box elder tree, but are sometimes found on many other plants. In most cases, box elder bugs cause no major damage inside homes, but their droppings stain curtains and other resting sites. This bug also emits a foul odor when crushed.

Adult box elder bugs will enter homes in the Fall, seeking winter shelter often in wall voids or in attics.


Rodents constantly grow incisors and do not have canine teeth. Rats, mice, squirrels, porcupines, or hamsters are all considered rodents. They gnaw at everything and they are the largest order of mammals in the world. They are used as household pets and can be rather cute. But, they bring disease and they can cause damage to your home. 

Other Pests from previous year’s expectations:
Bed bugs

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