Keeping Bugs Out!

Summer is the best time of year. Sipping your tea, swimming in the pool, playing with the kids, and swatting the mosquitoes away. Well that last one is annoying and can ruin your summer quickly. Here are some tips on how to start keeping bugs out and not letting them ruin your summertime fun.

Wash the Dishes

Bugs love left over foods and dirty dishes and sugary drink cans. If you have an insect problem in the house, check the kitchen. Clean and put away all the dishes. Put away all food and keep the refrigerator clean and rinse your recyclables before you put them in the bin. Speaking of bins, clean those once every few months too.

Yard Work

Keeping Bugs out starts in the yard. Mowing the grass and pruning the trees doesn’t just make the yard look nice, it also helps keep bugs away. Old mulch or grass are great hiding spots for insects. If you have animals and they play outside, they will bring those bugs inside. Keeping the yard trimmed, the trees pruned, the leaves raked all helps with keeping bugs out.

Speaking of Pets

Clean up after your pets. Bugs love pet food and waste. Make sure to dispose of unused food or bugs will overtake your pet’s area. Keep food in a air tight container when not in use. Wash their beds, fur, and blankets on a regular basis.

Walk the Perimeter

Walk the perimeter of your house, if you see cracks in the foundation you should plug them. Protect outside vents from pests by butting up mesh guards. Check windows and door frames. Make sure they are sealed properly. Check for rips or tears in your screens and replace faulty ones. Check for stagnant water. Mosquitoes love water so make sure you empty anything that might hold water.

You’ve Got to Know When to Fold Them

Keeping bugs out isn’t always something you can do alone. Sometimes it takes a professional. Don’t loose sleep over an itchy night with bugs. With regular maintenance and visits to your home and can keep the bugs away from your house and yard. Give us a call for a free estimate on Pest Control.

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