Keeping Pests Out of Your Garage

How to effectively keep pests out of your garage, is a commonly asked question. In this article, we break down the steps needed to clean, inspect, and repair cracks or openings to keep those pests out. Basically, keeping the man cave protected. Please note this will work on a she shed, as well.

Clean Out The Clutter and Trash

It goes without saying, a clean garage deters pests in Tennessee. But, you need to get there. Start by removing all items, trash, tools, boxes, etc. from your garage. Sweep any and all debris out. Remove any cobwebs from door frames, windows, and the ceiling. Look for blackish spots on window sills. That is spider waste (poop). If you see those spots, wipe down with an antibacterial wash, wearing gloves, and dispose properly of the products used.

Check For Cracks

Make sure the garage is properly lit so you can inspect all edges and any shelving. If there is not a good light source, bring in portable lighting. You need to be able to really see in order to seal any cracks you may find. Depending on how big the crack is, you may to need to call in a professional. Remember a mouse can get through a crack as small as one quarter of an inch. That is the width of a pencil. Ants and spiders do not even need that big of opening.

Lay Traps

You can lay traps before or after cleaning and repairing your garage cracks. Putting glue traps near openings or high traffic areas will verify if you have pests and an idea of which types. Purchase these traps at your local home or hardware store.

Remove Food Temptations

It is tempting to store pet food or extra food supplies in the garage. But, don’t. These products are enjoyed by pests too. Pet food is especially easy to spill and enjoyed by many animals. We witnessed a bird eating cat food just the other day. If you must store food in your garage, make sure it is a plastic container with an airtight seal.

Check Doors and Seals

Inspect your doors and windows for tight but pliable seals. If the seals are dried out, they will crack and create a way for pests to enter your garage. Additionally, you should routinely inspect and/or repair the caulking around entry points.


Once all of these steps are completed, move the minimum number of items back into your garage. If you do not need to store something, consider taking it to a consignment or thrift store. This helps keep your garage tidy and possibly give new life to an unused item. And, this is how to keep pests out of your garage!

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