I Have A Clean House But Still See Roaches. Please HELP!

I’m sorry. Just having a clean house won’t save you from roaches. Roaches are looking for food, shelter, and water. So just being clean won’t be the answer.

What Are The Common Cockroaches?

The most common roach is the German Cockroach here in Tennessee.

What Does A German Cockroach Look Like?

These brown roaches are generally 1/2 inch to 5/8 inches long, flat, oval in shape, and have 2 dark brown stripes on their back. They have six legs and an antennae. Their exterior shell can be tan or brown in color.

Where Do German Cockroaches Live and How Do They Travel?

These roaches like warm humid areas (like Tennessee) that are located near water and protection. Which is often usually a bathroom or kitchen. A leaking air conditioning drain tube is a perfect water source for cockroaches. Inspect the exterior of your home for water leaks, cracks, and holes that look inviting to brown roaches and other pests.

The common mode of transportation for roaches are cardboard and paper bags. You often bring them into your home without even knowing it. We suggest properly recycling all cardboard boxes and paper bags once you products are in your home.

How Do I Get Rid Of German Cockroaches?

The most effective way to rid your home of cockroaches and other pests is to have a professional pest control company treat it. Because roaches can breed up to six generations in a year. Keeping a clean home, especially the kitchen, is helpful. Once you see one, you likely have many more that you cannot see. First, research local companies, like Absolute Pest Control. Second, get estimates on treatment. Third, follow through with the treatment plan.

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