How To Seal A Window And Keep Bugs Out

How To Seal A Window And Keep Bugs Out


We talk a lot about how bugs can enter your home. This time we will tell you how to do a basic repair job. This will help keep bugs out!

First Things First

First, you want to make sure your window and sill are clean from dirt, mold, and dead bugs. Using a vinegar based window cleaning solution for the glass. And, a surface cleaner for the metal and sill.


Once you are working with a clean surface area, you will then inspect the screen. Most people don’t even give their window screen a second thought. But, this is the easiest way for insects to enter your home. There are screen patch kits available for small holes. If you are in a pinch, you can use duct tape until you have time to make a true repair.

Here’s a video form Ace Hardware on screen repairs.


From the exterior of the home, inspect around the window frame for cracks or holes. Even small cracks allow pests inside your home. Most small cracks can be sealed with caulking. You will need a caulking gun and caulk. using the caulking gun, slowly spread the caulking to fill the cracks. If there is old caulking, remove that first.

Here’s a video about caulking your windows from the DIY HIP Chicks.


Your last step is to make sure you perform semi-annual window inspections. Taking the time to inspect your windows help keep your home ownership costs down as well. 

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