How To Check For Ticks

With the Lyme disease-carrying tick on the rise during summer, you may need some extra protective measures from these annoying bugs. As tiny as they can be, these pests feed on blood and are capable of infesting your pets with Lyme disease, the Mountain Rocky fever, and some bacterial infections. Humans are not exempted from being infected too. So the earlier you discover and treat a tick bite, the safer you and your pets will be.

Before going out, you must know where these bugs live. Ticks can generally be found in any place where tall grasses, woody plants, and shrubs are. In other words, you will find them in your yard. Here are some precautionary measures you need to take.

  • When going out, wear protective clothing that covers up your body as much as possible.
  • If you are going for a hike, ensure you wear long pants, high shin socks, and closed-toe shoes.
  • When planning a hiking trip, prepare for your clothes as well. Clothes treated with permethrin would prevent ticks from following you back home. Spray this treatment on your clothes and make sure it dries off properly before putting them on. Do this at least one week before your journey.
  • Upon your return from an outing, check for ticks on your clothing as these bugs can cling to you and follow you home. If you went on a walk or trip with your pet, you should check for ticks on them too.


  • Inspect all parts of your body. Ticks love dark warm places, so pay special attention to your joints, in between your toes, and every area covered with hair on your body.
  • Before your pets run into the house, comb through their fur, and search for ticks. Thoroughly check between their toes, faces, and necks, inside their ears, and any hidden parts of their bodies. These are places that a tick could hide in.
  • Take a shower immediately you return from a journey. This would help you wash out ticks you missed out when checking.


  • Do not panic; the chances of getting the Lyme disease within the first 24 hours of a bite are low.
  • Use proper tools (tweezers, tick spoon, or key) to pull the bug off your skin or that of your pet. Make sure that you avoid squeezing the tick against your skin, as this may cause it to spit up pathogens on your skin. Whatever you do, do not use your fingers or use a lighter to burn the tick! As they can regurgitate, and this increases the chances of infection.   
  • After pulling out this pest from your skin, place in a jar with a lid or airtight bags. This is to identify the species of tick in case you notice any symptoms (for an effective treatment for you and your pet).
  • Clean up the bite spots with antiseptics, alcohol, or antibacterial soap. Make sure you clean the tool you use to pull these ticks out as well too.
  • See a doctor immediately you notice a symptom. The symptoms of Lyme disease include general flu-like symptoms (achiness, fever, weakness) and the Bull’s eye rash. This develops within 3 – 30 days after a bite. 

Don’t let the ticks prevent you from having a swell time outdoors.

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