How Safe is Pest Control for Homes with Kids?

It can be difficult to rid your home of pests. There are so many pesticides, insecticides and other forms of pest control on the market today. It’s easy to go out and purchase a chemical based product to solve this issue. How safe, though, is DIY pest control when you have children living in the home?

How Safe is Pest Control for Homes with KidsSmall Children

Small children have developing organs and certain chemicals can have a negative effect on their growth. Most pest control products are in the form of sprays or vapors. This results in lingering chemicals and particles moving to other places in the home. Floors, walls, furniture and even toys can be touched by the chemical effects. Due to the fact that children are in contact many more surfaces than most adults, consequently it increases their exposure to any lasting residue.


Pest control contains varying levels of toxicity, depending on the product, which is why it is effective in treating pests. However it is prudent to consider how safe this exposure is for children. This is one of the reasons we insist on our technicians having the most up-to-date training. As a result, we want to make sure we are fully educated about pest control for homes with kids.

Pest control product overuse can affect families by leaking into the water supply. An adult may be able to digest any chemicals that have made their way into the water but this could have a negative impact on the health of a child. Some studies have shown that long term exposure to certain chemicals can cause various conditions and diseases. Children would be subjected to longer exposure if they are growing up in a home treated with chemical pesticides or insecticides. This puts children in a higher risk category for developing illnesses. Many DIY pest control products are overused by the user with good intensions.


Pests and insects can be a dangerous problem. Many insects and rodents carry diseases or bacteria. They can also cause damage to your home. It’s imperative to treat pest issues as soon as they are discovered. Ultimately homeowners should educate themselves on the different kinds of options available to address an infestation. Chemical treatment may cause more harm than the pest when used in abundance for pest control for homes with kids.

Even when using a professional pest control company, a homeowner should be aware of the products the company will use to treat the problem. If chemicals are involved, it’s prudent to find out what the potential side effects could be. At Absolute Pest Control, we have several options available to safely care for your family.


Ridding a home of pests is essential to maintaining comfort and safety. If all options have been exhausted and DIY chemical pesticides are the only way to solve the household problem, the family should vacate the premise and remain outside of the house for at least 24 hours. Most of all, upon returning to the home, all surfaces, potentially affected, should be cleaned and sanitized. It is recommended if there are children in the home, that all the child’s belongings be removed or covered to avoid as much exposure as possible.

If the pest issues are not yet inside of the home or if they can be drawn out with bait, treating the home from the outside may be the safest choice. Considering the many studies that link various health issues to chemical exposures, therefore it’s best to seek out a company like ours that keeps our technicians fully trained and educated. In conclusion, be careful with handling and use of any pesticides and, if you’re in doubt hire a professional.

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More poison control information from the CDC available HERE.