FAQ: How Much Does Termite Tenting Cost?

As a homeowner what the most expensive pest control service they fear and it’s termites. As a Tennessee resident, you know that it isn’t if, but when, you’ll have termites. And, one of the more expensive termite treatments is tenting. Once a termite infestation is diagnosed we rate it based on severity. If we have to go as far as tenting, we are then asked how much does termite tenting cost?


The first step in the process is to have a termite inspection. If termites are found, next we rate the infestation. After that, we figure in the square footage of the home, is there a deck or garage connected and needing treatment. At that point, we determine if tenting is needed.

Countrywide Average

Across the US the average cost for termite treatment that includes tenting is $1-$4 per square feet. If we split the difference, the average cost is over $2 per square foot. So, the average home would cost $3000; $2 x 1500 square feet.

Extra Charges

There are factors that will increase the cost of termite tenting that do not come from the pest control company. Because tenting takes multiple days, you will need to stay somewhere else during treatment. If you need additional cleaning after treatment, it will incur more charges.

What Happens

After we are asked How Much Does Termite Tenting Cost? The next question is What Happens During Treatment? As the fumigation process begins, first the technicians will place a rubber tent over your home. Second, they secure it to the ground. It is important to secure the tent because of the toxic fumes created during treatment. Last, the chemicals used for fumigation are released. Stay away from the tent until your pest control company gives you the green light.

We hope this answer your question: How Much Does Termite Tenting Cost?

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Information for this article was seen on MyTermiteTreatmentCosts.com.

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