Hoarders and Pests; What’s Really Living Under That Mess!

hoardersWe have seen the show hoarders. There are audible gasps and sadness to see people living in such deplorable circumstances. And, while there is a mental illness aspect to it, who else besides themselves are they hurting. Yes, their family. But, it can also be harmful to the pets.

Pests That Love Messes

When a hoarders starts collecting stuff, they may bring pests into the home with their new found treasures. While others are attracted by the type of collection. For example, if one hoards paper related items; mice and rats will love to make nests in there. Another example is hoarding clothing. Similar to paper products, this product creates opportunities for nests and hidden feces from vermin. When you cannot access parts of a room or home, there can be a variety of pests that will take up residence and the home owner may never know. Snakes, rats, mice, beetles, termites, flies, parasites, squirrels, and more depending on where you live.


The Damage To Pets

Your beloved family member may suffer more than you think. When someone lives with mess, they often are not taking necessary steps to care for their pets. They may neglect annual shots or heart worm medications. If you know of someone in a hoarding situation, with pets, it can increase the amount of help they will need. Pets can also be bitten by vermin or other pests that live in the hoard. Fleas and ticks also thrive int his lind of living situation.

What To Do When Cleaning Out Hoard

Getting hoarders and pests out of a home can be done but you will need a strategy. Firsts to have emotional support for the hoarder. Call about local trash removal ordinances. Have a pest control company come out for an inspection pre-trash removal. At that time, they will determine a plan that may include multiple visits. A heavy infestation can be expensive to get completed but it important for the long term safety of all involved.


If you know of someone needing assistance with pest control services regarding a hoarding situation, please give us a call at 615-220-1993. Our trained professionals will handle the job with respect and care that you would expect.