What is included in Full Service Mosquito Treatment?

It is that time of the year, you want to be using your yard for family time, cook outs, parties, and just to relax. However, mosquitos have the same idea. And, even though it’s just the females that are biting you, there is a way to get your yard back from the mosquitos!

Absolute Pest Control is proud to offer full service mosquito treatment for commercial and residential customers.

Chances are, if you have mosquitos biting, you have a breeding ground somewhere close to your property. We offer a FREE inspection to give you an estimate. Together with our help, you and your family’s outside enjoyment will increase.

Here is what’s included in full service mosquito treatment:

Our highly trained technician will arrive at your home or business and introduce themselves. In fact, for the safety and security of our clients, our technicians will always be in uniform with their name visible. If you are home, the technician will go over the service plan to explain the full details. If you are gone, the technician will leave a detailed form outlining what service was provided.

The technician starts with a visual inspection (things sometimes change from estimate to treatment date) looking for standing water. The stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitos and must be taken care of in order to properly rid your yard of eggs. Additionally, they look for blooming flowers. We take nature seriously and will not treat blooming flowers as to keep our bee population safe. We treat your property with care and remove any current and potential places for mosquitos to “move in”.

What’s Next?

Everyone knows treating a mosquito problem is a challenge. And, many factors are included int the success of the treatment. Having one treatment will not keep your yard free from mosquitos. Equally important, you must keep standing water from building up. You should do visual inspections around your property if a problem persists. In reality an ongoing treatment plan is important.

The initial treatment may have a slightly higher cost associated with it. While, subsequent treatments will have a lower fee because it is maintenance.

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