Annoying Mosquitoes

Annoying mosquitoes are the worst. Their bite itches and brings disease. Sometimes they seem impossible to deter. They can bite several times before you notice them. It takes 3 minutes to feel the bite after it happens. Annoying Mosquitoes trapped in a tent at night will ruin your camping trip. Here are some facts and tricks to help save your summer from these pesky pests.

What Do Mosquitoes Like?

Do you eat a lot of bananas? Or Peanuts? Mosquitoes like the way these foods smell and they smell them through your sweat. They will fly downwind following their scent. Mosquitoes like blondes. They will avoid people dressed in yellows, oranges, and whites. They love dark colors and damp places. Mosquitoes love your breath because it contains carbon dioxide. CO2 is used to attract mosquitoes to their next meal.

They love water and damp places. In fact, they spend the first 10 days of their life under water and typically do not leave more than a few hundred feet from their birth place. Females can lay over 300 eggs at once and they can live for a few months, so reproduction happens fast.

Mosquito Fish?

In the Southern United States, where mosquitoes are prone to annoy people, is a fish deemed the Mosquito Fish. You can easily breed it to live in your outdoor pond. It’s technical name is Gambusia affinis. This name comes from the fish’s love of mosquito larvae that lives in the same habit. They can consume several hundred eggs in a single feeding.

Annoying Mosquitoes Zapper

Zappers do not attract or kill mosquitoes very often. In fact these device usually attract harmless insects that benefit the environment around you. Electronic repellers have proven ineffective for mosquito repellent in scientific testing.

The Shark vs the Mosquito

I’m terrified of sharks. They have those sharp teeth and can kill someone very quickly. Mosquitoes don’t even have teeth but they are more deadly than a shark. In fact annoying mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world.

Malaria, Zika, Denque are just a few of the diseases that can be spread from mosquitoes, just to name a few. It is estimated that they cause 1 million deaths yearly, by spreading disease.

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