Fireflies – Those amazing live glow bugs

Firefly compositeHere Are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fireflies (Lightning Bugs)

1. Synchronize Flashes

It is rumored that male fireflies flash in unison to attract females for mating purposes. But, scientists cannot confirm that. We know it is beautiful to see fireflies light up in the evening singly, but in a group it is a beautiful show. There is only one species that flash simultaneously, that is the Photinus carolinus species found in the Great Smokey Mountains. In full tourist fashion, there are firefly tours!

2. Beetles; Not Flies

Don’t be fooled by their nickname, these glowing bugs are actually beetles, not flies. People have gotten confused because they fly, and nick named them Fireflies. It doesn’t hurt the feelings to call them winged beetles but it just doesn’t sound right.

3. Efficient Light

The light created by fireflies is actually the most efficient created ever! The is 100 percent chemical reaction. Compared to an incandescent bulb which the light is only 10% created by chemical reaction. Wow, it we could just channel their efficiency!

4. Colorful

Most people would swear that fireflies put off a white light. The reality is quite different. Fireflies put off red, yellow, green and orange. If they stood on top of each other they could make a mini street light for other bugs!

5. Disappearing

Sadly, with the increase in pollution, pesticides and urbanization the numbers of Fireflies are declining. The urban sprawl is increasing the number of houses, thus decreasing the space for fireflies. With those homes comes an increase in self applied pesticides (sometimes 10x the recommended amount) that is slowly killing off the firefly population.

How to attract Fireflies to your garden!


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