The Deadliest Insect is the Mosquito

It is hard to believe that the deadliest insect in the world is the mosquito, but it is true. The mosquito can transfer Malaria through it’s bites. And with hundreds of millions of cases of Malaria each year, mosquitos make it a deadly combination. Parasites can also be transferred from one human to another through a bite. Obviously protecting yourself from mosquitos is important and for many is life or death. Females are the only sex of mosquito that bites. Mosquitos are drawn to bite humans because they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. We can’t stop breathing to protect ourselves so what can we do?

How to avoid mosquitos at home:

  • Never leave standing water around your home or business
  • The West Nile Virus is real and there are confirmed cases in Middle Tn
  • Fill your garden with mosquito repelling plants (full list here)
  • Wear bug protectant
  • Keep grass cut down and don’t let weeds take over

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