Common Summer Pests in Tennessee

In a state where weather is ever changing and summers have a lot of humidity, it is easy to see why backyard activities have increased. On one hand, there are the bright rays of the summer sun, while on the other hand, uncontrolled pests bring misery. If not controlled, summer pests in Tennessee will inhibit you and your family making the most out of this season.

The Big 3

In Tennessee, there are essentially three pests that wreak the most havoc during summer. They are stinging insects, mosquitoes, and ticks. To get rid of these insects, we suggest assistance from the professionals (like Absolute Pest Control). In the following section, we will familiarize you further with these common summer pests in Tennessee so that you know how to tackle them.

Mosquitoes and ticks

In Tennessee, it is the mosquito that is most common and is guaranteed to sting. Mosquitoes and ticks are held responsible for transmitting innumerable diseases such as yellow fever, Zika, West Nile, malaria, Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and others. Even if all of these illnesses are not fatal, most of them are extremely agonizing. Additionally, they may cause permanent disabilities and medical issues. Spraying insect repellants can reduce the population of mosquitoes and ticks to some extent but, they are bound to reappear within days. Thus, our monthly specialized services, is the best way to eradicate the pests completely. It will help you get rid of the annoying and disease-causing insects. We ensure he products used are eco-friendly and safe for the people living in your home.

Stinging insects

Stinging insects can inflict severe allergic reactions in some people. If you or someone from your family is particularly allergic to these pests then it is best to make certain that the insects are kept away. Moreover, you shouldn’t have to wait for a pest to spread disease or virus, protect your home and family today.

Bonus Pest: Wood-boring pests

The American cockroach, carpenter ants (termites), and black widow spiders are grouped under the most hazardous wood-boring pests in Tennessee. These insects do not directly bite but, either actively contaminate food (American cockroach) or damage wallpaper and wooden structures. Without consistent treatment, these pests keep returning. The black widow spider has poisonous venom.

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and home, there cannot be any room for compromise. Ditch your time-consuming and ambiguous DIY techniques to destroy the common summer pests in Tennessee and get in touch with the best professionals to enjoy the much-awaited summer.

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