In an effort to provide the best in Nashville pest control services, we want to educate our clients about Cockroaches. Middle Tennessean’s need to worry about cockroach infestations in our homes or apartments. By the time you see one cockroach, you have a bug problem. These nocturnal pests choose to feast at night. If you see them during the day, it is likely you have a full on infestation. Cockroaches reproduce at a rapid rate (females produce one egg per week on average). Our technicians provide safe pest management in Nashville and it’s surrounding areas. We offer the best service and warranty for Nashville pest control.

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Cockroaches can cause more problems than just an infestation. It has been proven that the mere presence of cockroaches can bring an increase in childhood asthma. The dust left behind from their discarded skins can is a problem. Cockroaches can enter your home through cracks in the walls, vents, drains, and infected items. Think about the boxes and paper bags you bring into the home and receive from the post man. Although people think that it is a dirty home that has cockroaches, but they love warm places with food and water, and a place to nest. Does that sound like your house?

Fighting cockroaches is best left to professionals. Our technicians are trained to rid your home of unwanted pests but protect your family. We offer green alternatives to most treatments. Please ask your technician about alternative methods. We provide complete coverage for all of our Middle Tennessee and Nashville pest control clients!

Technical Data:

Cockroaches belong to Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta and Order Blattaria.

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