Bed Bugs – Nashville Area

Bed Bugs can hide anywhereThe news has been quiet lately about bed bugs in the Nashville Area. No headlines warning of hotel infestations, homes overcome with bed bugs, nursing homes, etc. Does that mean the problem is gone? No! The problem is still here and in some areas the problem has increased. Bed bugs are everywhere that humans are.

Here are some startling facts about where infections were most reported:

  • Nursing homes – 58 percent (46 percent in 2013)
  • Office buildings – 45 percent (36 percent in 2013)
  • Schools and day care centers – 43 percent (41 percent in 2013)
  • Hospitals – 36 percent (33 percent in 2013)
  • Doctor’s offices/outpatient facilities – 33 percent (26 percent in 2013)
  • Transportation (train/bus/taxi) – 29 percent (21 percent in 2013)
  • Retail stores – 20 percent (15 percent in 2013)
  • Movie theaters – 16 percent (10 percent in 2013)


Notice what’s missing from the list? Hotels! Bed bugs aren’t just from traveling to hotels. They are found in all spaces. Some, obviously more than others! And, some strange places too. For example; dance clubs, bathroom vents, funeral homes and more. There are still bed bugs in hotels and motels, we are not saying not to be cautious but that bed bugs are in more places than people think!

Before traveling check this website* for reported hotels: HERE

Review this article on how to stay safe when traveling: HERE

Bed bugs aren’t the end of the word. If you find them, treatment is required. Bed bugs won’t go away by themselves. We offer state-of-the-art treatment plans that actually work.

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