Bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States. The news sources are filled with pictures of bed bug bites, hotels with ruined reputations, and stories of infested apartments. As home owners, apartment dwellers, and pet owners we wonder how to protect ourselves from these unwanted intruders. It is important to understand that the bugs do not live on pets and humans but just feed off them (usually at night). While we can’t say we have a “perfect” way to get rid of bed bugs with 100% certainty.

Bed bugs will hitch hike from their current living place, onto your animals, and then into your home. What can you do if you suspect you have a problem with bed bugs? Call a trusted pest control company, lIke Absolute Pest Control, for service. Please keep in mind that it takes more than one visit to take care of bed bugs. Your pest control professional will perform an inspection to look for the bugs or tell tale signs. A plan of action will be set forth. And, the technicians will treat your home. Remember to wash bedding, both yours and your animals. The water isn’t as important as the heat from drying. The high temperatures help kill the bugs and their eggs.

How to prevent bed bugs from bothering you and your pets? Do not use flea and tick products for the prevention of bed bugs. This can make people and animals sick. Routinely wash bedding, rugs, and cushions that are used by both humans and pets. There are also bedding products that do not allow bed bugs to live like organic wool products. If you live in an apartment or duplex you may be at the mercy of your neighbors. If you are needing more advice about bed bugs, infestation, or prevention please give us a call 615-220-1993.