Getting rid of German Cockroaches

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Bug of the Month for February: German Cockroach

Eww! Cockroaches! The cockroach just might be the most hated bug out there. They’re hard to kill, they hiss, and they can spread diseases. They’re especially bad in the wintertime because that’s when they like to come inside for warmth.

There are several different varieties of cockroach, but the most common is the German cockroach. They can get into everything. It’s horrible! But, have no fear. Absolute Pest Control is here!

What do German cockroaches look like?

The German cockroach is tan or brown and can grow to be ¼” long or so. German cockroaches have two antennas and six fuzzy-looking legs. Unlike other kinds of roaches, the German cockroach cannot fly. Its wings allow it to smoothly glide downward.

What are some German cockroach behaviors?

German cockroaches will eat almost anything and can go several weeks without eating. This contributes a whole lot to their long survival.

German cockroaches have been known to bite people, although this is uncommon. The main threat that they pose is germ and parasite contamination, due to their unsanitary habitats.

Where do German cockroaches live?

Despite the fact that they are called German cockroaches, they are the most common type of cockroach found in North America. Even more so than the American cockroach!

They like warm, humid environments near food. This contributes to the fact that German cockroaches are most likely to be found in kitchens and bathrooms.

What should I do if I find German cockroaches?

If you find one German cockroach, kill it. It is most likely the only one around. However, if you find two, there are probably hundreds more.

To prevent German cockroach infestations, it is necessary to maintain a clean living space. Do not leave food lying around, clean often, and make sure doors and windows are sealed.

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