5 Little Known Termite Facts

All Termites Are Not Created Equal

There are multiple species and sub-species of termites. The two largest classifications are Drywood and Subterranean. Drywood termites build their colonies in wood. Subterranean Termites build their colonies under the ground. The Subterranean Termites do they most damage to homes in the United States. Numbers go into the billions! Drywood Termites do damage as well. Their damage reports go into the millions!

Winged Termites are not their own species of termites

Many black termites with white wings are often wrongly identified. These caste termites sent out to start new colonies.

Termites Never Sleep

winged termites don't sleep

How can termites quickly do damage? In other words- they never sleep! They are one of Earth’s few living species that are awake 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Could you imagine how much work human’s could accomplish if they never sleep.

Winged Termites Do Not Always Foretell An Infestation

If you see a small amount of winged termites around your windows, there is no need to panic. A small number of winged termites usually signifies an aging colony. If you see any termites, it is imperative that you have a home termite inspection.

Swarmers Flock To Light

In the evening, if you have a lot of outside porch and house lights you may be attracting termites to your home. It’s true. Termites are attracted to the light. In conclusion, the lack of outdoor lighting can have consequences, but it is important for safety.

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How Winter Affects Pest Control

Absolute Pest Control Know How Winter Affects Pest Control Here

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting an extreme Winter. Our customers are asking how Winter affects pest control here in Smyrna, TN. 

“Contrary to the stories storming the web, our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing toward a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter. We stand by our forecast and formula, which accurately predicted the many storms last winter, as well as this summer’s steamy, hot conditions.” Farmers’ Almanac Editor Peter Geiger said.

How Winter Affects Pest Control

It all comes down to the types of Winter weather, length of cold spells, and inches of precipitation. Many homeowners hope that the cold temperatures will kill off or cause hibernation to pests. That is not always the case. A slow decline in temperatures can allow pests to prepare for the dip in temperatures. However, a cold snap may leave them out in the cold; literally.


If the Winter is cold without a lot of snow, eggs may die from the elements. Long periods of time with low temps will cause death by exposure. 


On the other hand, if there is cold and snow, the snow may bring protection from the cruel elements. Mice and other rodents have been know to burrow under show filled yards into barns, basements, and homes.

Absolute Pest Control Know How Winter Affects Pest Control Here

With our ongoing Platinum package, we prepare your home or business for all seasons of the year. This continuous treatment provides a invisible barricade of protection for your family. Our technicians check every other month for any weaknesses in your home or office. Our 20 point inspection allows you to be educated in the process and not have surprises. Additionally, we will return if you have any issues between visits; free of charge.

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Absolute Pest Control is dedicated to making your home safe for you family. If you have a question about pests or any other pest problem, please call us at 615-220-1933 or click HERE to email us.

Pest Control in Healthcare Facilities

,Pest Control in Healthcare Facilities

What are the common problems we face when treating pest control in healthcare facilities? There are more pests in healthcare facilities than you may think. Those healthcare facilities include doctors offices, dental offices, urgent care offices, senior living facilities, and more. For the patients safety, maintaining a pest free facility is the utmost importance.

At Absolute Pest Control, we are experts in treating and eliminating pests in healthcare facilities. We understand the potential risks of pest control in healthcare facilities. Working as a team with each facility, so we will reduce any reoccurrence of any pest issues.

What are the common types of pests found in healthcare facilities?

Pest Control in Healthcare FacilitiesAnts- Ants can flock to trash receptacles, leftover food, and food storage areas.

Bed Bugs- Bed bugs are terrible and can easily transfer from luggage to bedding and certainly create negative press.

Birds- Birds are drawn to buildings for nesting, rest, and protection from the elements. The bird droppings can bring dangerous pathogens into the ventilation system.

Flies- Flies are known to be carriers of bacteria and pathogens.

What Will Happen If There Is No Pest Control In Healthcare Facilities?

There can be contamination of sterile areas. Patients and service providers may suffer from infections due to bug bites or stings. Furthermore, patients may complain or stop visiting the facility. The facility may suffer from turnover of employees. Consequently which will lead to a loss in revenue. Large infestation incur large bills to treat.

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Do you Suffer From Musophobia?

Do you Suffer From Musophobia?

Most everyone has a phobia. Much like my fear of the dentist, since I was a child I’ve experienced anxiety when thinking about a visit to the dentist. I break out into a sweat thinking about going and immediately start looking for any and every excuse of how I can get out of my upcoming appointment. Life experiences, heredity, and your brain chemistry and genetics can cause Phobias. A common phobia is that of mice, or Musophobia. Do you suffer from Musophobia? Let’s do some research and find out.

AHHHH It’s a Mouse!

When you see a mouse do you jump on the couch, grab the closest thing you can swing, and scream loudly? If so you are probably a Musophibic. Other symptoms could be getting antsy when you see a picture of a rat or mouse, or when someone says the word or a joke about mice. Your mouth might get dry and you might have the urge to freeze, scream, or run.

Trunk or Treat

Cartoons, pictures, and many other references usually depict elephants as having Musophobia. Some zoologists say this is a myth. There is an episode of Mythbusters that show Adult Elephants actively avoiding mice. Women are often depicted as having a fear of mice as well, they are shown jumping onto chairs or other furniture and screaming when a mouse comes into view. Although in my life I’ve seen just as many men terrified of mice and women or elephants.

What is the Cure?

This phobia can be treated several ways. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Response Prevention, Group Therapy, Medication or Mediation. Exposure is usually the most effective method.  With the help of a health professional and the use of gradual exposure the fear can be lifted. There is medication you can take as well. They do not cause a cure but do suppress the symptoms.  Make sure to ask your doctor what treatment is best for you.

When to Call a Professional?

If you find yourself with a mouse problem and you struggle with Musophobia I would contact a pest control company ASAP. If you do not have the fear you should research the pest before you attempt removal, it is best to contact your local Pest Control Company soon.

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Bed Bugs! Don't Let Them Bite

Bed Bugs! Don’t Let Them Bite

Bed bugs are small, non-flying, oval insects, that survive by the blood of humans or insects. They do not live only in your bed. They can live anywhere in your home. Including cracks in your furniture or any cloth fabric. But they are often found in your bed or mattress, bed springs or bed frame. They usually bite while you sleep. Their bite is painless and looks like a rash. They are not poisonous and their bites do not spread disease to humans, but they do itch and the skin can become infected from scratching.

How to Find Bed Bugs

It’s best to find them early. An infestation can easily spread or become established. They are much easier to treat at the earlier stages. The first sign of may be red, itchy bites on the skin, usually on the arms or shoulders. They tend to leave straight rows of bites, unlike some other insects that leave bites here and there.

Look in crevices and cracks and on or near your bed to locate them. You should look for Fecal Stains, skins, and egg cases. If you only see the bed bugs themselves, you’ve got an active infestation. 

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

They are the size of an apple seed. Long, oval, and brown if they are hungry. Balloon-Like, reddish, and more elongated if they have just eaten. They have wings, but do not fly. They have a musty smell. Young bed bugs are smaller and more translucent with a whitish yellow color and if they are hungry almost invisible to the naked eye.

In general eggs are the size of a tiny pinhead, pearl white, and after 5 days marked with an eye spot.

How Long to Bed Bugs Live?

These bugs have exoskeletons. A nymph (hatch-ling) must shed their skin, or molt 5 to 7 times to become an adult. Molting (shedding of skin) can only take place after a hatch-ling has eaten. Since they eat every 3-5 days, egg to adult usually takes 37 days. The adult bed bug can live up to a year.

For more information click HERE.

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Does Your Dog Have Fleas?

Does Your Dog Have Fleas?

I love my dog more than anything else in this world. He is always there when I come home. He comforts me when I’ve had a dreadful day, plays with me on a good day, loves me unconditionally and I must say he is the most handsome boy in the world. There is nothing I hate more than seeing my boy itchy with fleas. It’s so easy for animals to catch fleas I thought we could explore some facts about your dog and fleas, so you can answer the question, does your dog have fleas?

Fleas Hitch Rides with Animals

I love going to the Bark Park with my boy. He loves to play with the puppies and gets in his exercise in when we play. It’s always good to see him have such a fun time, until we get home and he starts scratching. Hearing him whine as he scratches leaves my heart broken, every time.

Fleas do not fly but they do jump from dog to dog. To avoid an infestation, I invite his doggy friends over for a play date. This way I can be selective of which pets are around my dog. Limiting his chances of catching these itchy pests.

Fleas are not only carried by other dogs. They are often dropped off in your yard by the squirrel looking for his nut, or the raccoon looking through the trash. Fleas are left in the environment when the eggs are dropped from an animal, usually running. Your yard can quickly become infested letting your animal carry fleas into your home. It’s best to treat the yard to protect your furry family and human family.

When to Treat for Fleas?

It’s always best and most cost effective to treat any pest problem before it becomes a problem. Calling a pest control company is always the best treatment but learning what they look like will help. Cats and dogs can be good groomers so seeing fleas isn’t always easy. If your pet is itchy you should check them for fleas. Fleas like to hide in warm wet places. They like the ears and the groin of your pet. Check their belly for the red effects of the flea’s bite, or for the dirt left behind from their feces. Some animals will scratch excessively, and this causes hair loss. If you see them it’s best to treat the animal and call a pest control company.

Fleas and Disease

Most all fleas carry tape worms. Since your pet grooms themselves and eats the fleas, they also eat the tapeworms. These pests cause issues within your animal intestinal track and can be costly to repair. With the help of a vet and early detection you can prevent damage to your animal. Checking for fleas regularly is always a positive way to help maintain your pets health. Does your dog have fleas? Give us a call for your free estimate.

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Pest Control Myths

Pest Control Myths

How many times have you heard of a home remedy that didn’t work for someone? There are so many pest control myths out there it’s easy to get lost trying to locate one that will work for you. We’ve located a few of these myths and listed them below for you, just remember call us when you are ready to get rid of the myths and the pests!

Mice Like Cheese

A lot of people use mouse traps to get rid of them. The idea is that the mice will get trapped under the wrong end of the trap when they go after the tasty cheese treat you left behind. Ending your battle with the mouse. The two problems here are 1. Is never a mouse. It’s always mice and 2. Mice would prefer something sweet over cheese. It’s a great idea to try and trap them, but using food that would actually attract them will help.

People try to solve the mouse problem with a pet cat. The problem here is that not all cats will chase mice. So will and are great ways to help get mice from your house, others will not do anything to help you with your pest problem. Mice are capable of hiding in places your cat cannot reach even if the cat will chase them. They are good of notifying you of a mouse problem.

My House is Too Clean for Cockroaches

Unsanitary locations are the best place for a cockroach. There is plenty of food and places to hide. But they will live in the cleanest of places as well. Any where they can find food and water is a place they will live and hide. They infest an area and remain unseen most of the time. If you see one, there are many more in hiding. Give us a call for a free estimate for removal.

I Don’t Have a Pest, so I Don’t Need Pest Control

This is the biggest of the pest control Myths. The best time to start a pest control regime is before you have a problem. It is much more expensive to get rid of a pest problem than it is to maintain a home without pest issues. Getting started is easy. Give us a call for your free estimate.

Pesticides Will Not Hurt My Children or Pets

This is true. If applied correctly. Care and proper knowledge is needed to safely use pesticides for your pest control. If used properly they will not cause harm to pets or children. If they are not applied correctly they can be more dangerous than the pests themselves.

Ultrasonic Repellers Work

For decades retailers have sold Ultrasonic Repellers. The supported technique is that they produce an extremely high-pitched sound that will run hundreds of types of pest off. Pest Control Myths can be expensive and costly when they do not work. The Federal Trade Commission has stated they do not have any evidence that these devices work. To save time and money stick with a traditional pest control company.

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Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito Free

Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito Free

Sometimes mosquitoes can ruin your summertime back yard party. They can run your guest off. Keeping your backyard mosquito free can make or break your summer plans. Below are some tips on how you can manage the pests that show up uninvited to your parties.

Running off Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the worst. They bite repeatedly and can run your guest off. Keeping a fan on will sometimes help since mosquitoes are not traditionally good fliers. Basil leaves produce an aroma that mosquitoes do not like. Placing some basil centerpieces on your tables will help keep your backyard mosquito free.

Mosquito Prevention

Having standing water will always be a welcome mat to Mosquitoes. Make sure your bird bath is free of excess water. Cook with some garlic. Mosquitoes hate garlic. Do you use essential oils? Using their CATNIP oil is a natural repellent for Mosquitoes. If you aren’t afraid of a little Bat, you can build a bat house. Bat’s can eat hundreds of insects in just an hour.

Yard Work

Keeping your yard nicely mowed isn’t just good for your relationship with your neighbors. Having a clean yard prevents mosquitoes from having a place to hide. Clean your gutters, trim the hedges, and keep the grass trimmed. Rosemary, Citronella grass, and Marigolds all keep mosquitoes away. If you plant these plants you could enjoy more outdoor time in the summer.


Planting flowers cannot only liven up your landscaping it can help you repel mosquitoes. Lavender smells great, relaxes you, and keeps mosquitoes away. Plant some mint to make your Tea tasty and to repel mosquitoes. Rosemary can be used in many lotions to soften your skin as well as a natural way to keep bugs out of your garden.

Free Estimates

Using Absolute Pest Control’s perimeter defense system targets any areas that may potentially be a problem. Your 1st initial service will combine the interior and exterior barrier against unwanted insects, pests, spiders, etc. This, combined with a regular monthly outside treatment, creates the ultimate defense system against unwanted pests. You are no longer inconvenienced with scheduling or waiting for your technician to arrive and complete your service. BUT, anytime an inside is needed, contact us and we will treat the inside free.

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Absolute Pest Control is dedicated to making your home safe for you family. If you have a question about fall pests or any other pest problem, please call us at 615-220-1933 or click HERE to email us.

Protecting Your Thanksgiving Dinner From Pests

Protecting Your Thanksgiving Dinner From Pests

protecting your Thanksgiving Dinner From PestsIt’s getting close, so close I can smell the pumpkin pie baking in the kitchen. Thanksgiving brings us family time, loads of food and the Thanksgiving Day Parade! Hours upon hours of food prep and devouring of the feast!

But it also can mean crumbs, forgotten food and a dinner delight for pests!

Having a pest problems on a regular day is bad enough but add in a traditional holiday and tons of guests…. It may end crazy. When the mosquitos and ants go away with the warm weather, we are often left with mice, rats, squirrels, skunks, etc looking for food and warmth.

So how can you protect your Thanksgiving Dinner from Pests?

  • Store Food in air tight containers – Are you making dozens of cookies for the neighbors and family? Keep all cookies in airtight containers. This helps keep pests out and the yummy cookies fresh. Any and all baking ingredients should also be stored in sealed containers or bags.
  • Clean all prep areas immediately – Are you a lazy cleaner upper? This is the worst time of the year for being lazy in the kitchen. Clean up immediately after functions or if there are any spills.
  • Clean up serving areas immediately – Are you having a buffet for your human guests? Make sure you patrol the area for spills and left over dishes. Follow the guests to where they have eaten and clean up left over dishes or cups when appropriate.
  • Remove trash often – Are you waiting for the trash can to be all the way full? Don’t do it! Take out your kitchen trash after each meal. And, don’t forget to check bathroom trash cans after each function. Guests may be embarrassed to throw food away in a trash can that is in full view of the host (or hostess). The only other option is a bathroom.
  • Send leftovers home with guests – Are you really going to eat those brownies or 4 dozen cookies? Well, maybe you will. But if you don’t have appropriate storage containers for the food, send it home with your guests! It will keep your waistline trim and provide less opportunity for pests to have snacks!

We hope these tips will help protecting your Thanksgiving Dinner From Pests!

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season. Hopefully these tips will help keep your eyes twinkling and home secure! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE or Call our office at 615-220-1933

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