Absolute Pest Control Know How Winter Affects Pest Control Here

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting an extreme Winter. Our customers are asking how Winter affects pest control here in Smyrna, TN. 

“Contrary to the stories storming the web, our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing toward a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter. We stand by our forecast and formula, which accurately predicted the many storms last winter, as well as this summer’s steamy, hot conditions.” Farmers’ Almanac Editor Peter Geiger said.

How Winter Affects Pest Control

It all comes down to the types of Winter weather, length of cold spells, and inches of precipitation. Many homeowners hope that the cold temperatures will kill off or cause hibernation to pests. That is not always the case. A slow decline in temperatures can allow pests to prepare for the dip in temperatures. However, a cold snap may leave them out in the cold; literally.


If the Winter is cold without a lot of snow, eggs may die from the elements. Long periods of time with low temps will cause death by exposure. 


On the other hand, if there is cold and snow, the snow may bring protection from the cruel elements. Mice and other rodents have been know to burrow under show filled yards into barns, basements, and homes.

Absolute Pest Control Know How Winter Affects Pest Control Here

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