Why You Need Pest Control During The Winter In Tennessee


During the winter months, most ants in Tennessee go deep. They hide underground in their nests and wait for conditions to become favorable again outside. If an ant species is born and lived in your home, they will stay active in Winter. This is particularly true of carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are more likely than other Tennessee ant species to build a nest inside a man-made structure. Sadly, they weaken the timber in your home. You need pest control during the Winter to stop ants.


In Tennessee, we have several rodent species. Mice, Norwegian rats, and roof rats are the most common. During any part of the year, these critters may get into your house, but falling temperatures and may food choices give them even more reasons to come inside. They can spread harmful bacteria and diseases when they do. Stored food, plates, silverware, food-prep surfaces, and more can be contaminated by them. You will need pest control during the Winter to stop mice.


When cold temperatures of Winter start to arrive, common house spiders become much more of a problem. Although spiders have the ability to produce a kind of antifreeze that prevents them from freezing to death, this ability is not available for much of the food they consume. When their food goes inside so do the spiders. You will need pest control during the Winter to stop spiders.

We Will Protect You All Year Round

Tennessee bugs have a way to get into your home and cause havoc all year round. The best way to keep them at bay and minimize the risks is to have a licensed and experienced technician inspect and treat your home. Take advantage of our platinum package for bi-monthly treatment.

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