We are serving homes, businesses and apartments in Murfreesboro, Nashville and Smyrna, TN and all surrounding areas. we want you to be informed about the best pest control treatment for you. So, here is what to expect.

Your first pest control visit is made as painless as possible with Absolute Pest Control. After scheduling your appointment, your technician will arrive at your home and let you know that they are there.

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1- The technician will inspect your yard. They are looking for spiders in the water meter, black widows or brown recluse spiders in mailboxes, gutter drains, etc. and look for nests around the yard. When that part of the inspection is complete, the technician will inspect the interior of your home.

2- He will then look in all of your rooms, under sinks, in crawl spaces and other small places that bugs like to hide. Bugs are naturally drawn to food and water sources.

3-If you have specific areas of concern our technician will thoroughly inspect those concerns. Upon completion of the initial inspection a full report will be compiled.

Many times our technicians will spray, put out bait traps, or other pest control devices on the initial visit. Generally when it is a termite inspection the treatment will happen on another visit.

Absolute Pest Control is dedicated to helping your family be pest free and safe for your family. We believe in protecting your family and keeping your largest investment intact. Our main office is located in Smyrna, Tn but we also have an office in Nashville, Tn. All surrounding areas, like Murfreesboro are gladly serviced! Call today for a free termite inspection: 615-220-1933.