Text Appointment Reminders are now available!

You asked and we listened. Over the last 12 months more and more of our residential clients were asking if we could text them for a reminder of their appointment. We understand the convenience of our cell and smartphones. This January marks the roll out of our texting program.

What does it mean to you?

There is only one thing for you to do; Opt In. You can do this on our website or through your phone. To sign up online click here.

To sign up on your cellular device simply text:


The good news is that we won’t text you unless it is an appointment reminder. Those reminders will be sent out 2 days before your scheduled appointment. If you have something come up or a conflict that cannot be resolved please call the office at 615-220-1933. We do not receive and text replies you may send.

How many texts will you receive?

For most clients you will receive 6 texts per year. If there is a change in your appointment after the first text, you may receive another one with your reminder. Our goal is to respect your time by not over texting. If you are looking for our monthly newsletter (where we have tips, news and occasionally coupons) click here to sign up.

Thank you for allowing Absolute Pest Control to serve you!