Protecting Your Garden Naturally

 Protecting Your Garden NaturallyGardens all over are being destroyed by pest and unwanted insects such as slugs, and ants, and snails. They are destroying your garden by discoloring and distorting your leaves. They’re very annoying and can make it hard to successfully grow healthy food and have healthy flowers. Many people all over use insects repellant sprays that are chemicals. The sprays are actually defeating the purpose of a natural garden and forces you to replant to bring naturalization back. Pesticides are another way to keep away pests but overuse can do more harm then good. It’s harmful to the environment, animals, and people around you. If you are wanting someone to help you with your garden in a particular area then you simple just have to do your research to find out what is best for you and your garden. For example, if you just want someone to help with your trees then you could just take a look at using someone like Treequote who can provide a safe way to help you out without harming the environment.

There are ways to prevent pests and unwanted insects in your garden naturally. Naturally being the best way and less harmful way to your garden. It’s great if you have small animals or small children. It great to use for safety and healthiness. It brings out better results and better outcome in the long run. There are a few options for preventing pest a natural way.

Healthy Growth

One way is growing healthy, growing healthy makes is less difficult for the pest to attack the plants. To keep a healthy garden make sure you take care of your plants diligently. And make sure all plants are disease free. Take care of the plants by watering and using nutrient-rich soil. Doing those things will keep it healthy. Check for discoloration and distortion, to keep the plants undamaged. By deadheading, pinching off, or even removing the entire plant that becomes diseased can make a healthy garden. Also using all organic fertilizers.


Another way to keep pest away naturally is to use all natural spray or soap. By making a natural soap and spray and letting it get into the skin of the insects can kill them. To make the soap you can mix 1 to 2 teaspoon of natural liquid soap and 1 quart of water and put it in the spray to spray the insects. To make the all-purpose pesticide pray you can mix some all natural strong scented roots and spices together like garlic, cayenne, ginger, onions, and mints.


You can boil all the herbs and roots just enough water that can cover the spices and roots and then let it sit overnight. You will strain the solids from the liquids and mix the liquid with the natural soap. Using just garlic as a herb can work also because of its extremely strong scent. The strong scent will keep pest away.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds is another natural and good way to keep pest away. Just simply plant the coffee grounds in the ground. The coffee grounds also add nitrogen to your soil and increase acidity for acid loving plants. A lot of pests hate coffee, creatures like slugs, cats, and deer.


Eggshells can also help, just throw your leftover eggshells in your garden. It also makes a good fertilizer and keeps the pests away like deer and elk. And last, Cayenne pepper is another great natural way to get rid of pests in your garden. Just simply sprinkle the cayenne pepper in your across your garden. Pest will stay away and also your dogs will stay out your garden.

We hope this article gives you tips for protecting your garden naturally. Here in Middle Tennessee, gardens really flourish and provide healthy food choices for everyone.


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