Plastic Bins!

These color coded, many sizes, clear, sharpie friendly, you name it- Plastic Bins fit the bill. Now, that the holiday’s are over it’s time to pack away all that decor. And, store any of those after Christmas purchases you scored with the sales. But don’t put all those treasures and deals into cardboard boxes. There are several pests that will gladly live and eat away at your stuff. You don’t want any disappointment next year when removing those boxes and finding poop, missing pieces, eaten items and more! Let’s show you how plastic bins can bug-proof your decorations.

Decoration Predators-

Mice– Mice can’t chew through plastic bins and build nests or eat any leftover food that may have been accidentally packed away. Plastic bins will stop them from ruining your decorations with the poop they leave behind as well. They are unsanitary and unwanted!

Spiders- What a better place to live unbothered for 11 months but those hastily closed boxes that house your holiday treasures?? Spiders can get into small spaces. They love dark, unused corners of your attic or basement as it is. Using plastic bins that close tightly will eliminate spiders moving into your mementos.

Other Ideas-

Another option that helps keep your decorations pest-free would plastic wrap. One item people often throw away are the bags that bedding comes in. Those bags are plastic and have zipped sides. Utilizing these bags adds a layer of safety to your treasures.

Do you have an old plastic lid for a bin you can’t find? Those can be doubled to wind lights around. Take the lid, start at the bottom, slowly ind the lights around the lid until they are done. You may even add a small screw to hold the end of the lights.

Label the Plastic Bins! Once you have organized and packed away all those holiday decorations, the last thing to do is to label the box. Two suggestions include clearly writing on the side and top of the plastic bins with a sharpie or use name labels. The name labels are good if you decide to change what is stored in those plastic bins.

Hopefully these tips will allow your late November or early December holiday decoration hunt end well!

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